March 6, 2021

Uber Expands Its Reach In 7 More Cities In India

Even though Uber is having a tough time in Indian states
uberlike Delhi, its spirit to expand is pretty much alive. The San Francisco based taxi company Uber has expanded its reach in seven more cities in India. By now, Uber has its services in about 18 cities across the country.

Making a record of sorts, with respect to expansion on a single day, Uber has expanded its services in Indian cities including Coimbatore, Bhubaneswar, Indore, Nagpur, Mysore, Surat and Visakhapatnam. As a part of the marketing strategy, Uber is offering three free rides worth Rs 200 to the customers.

Speaking about the expansion, Neeraj Singhal, head of expansion for India and the subcontinent at Uber, said, “We have been growing over 40 per cent month-on-month in some cities and plan to expand to a couple of more locations in India before we end this year.”

For Uber Go service, the company plans to face auto rickshaws and local taxi operators by offering services at Rs 5 per km, while with Uber X, the company plans to tap the premium segment and charge the passengers at Rs 7 per km. These rates are lower than the auto rickshaws rates in these cities.

For smooth operations in the above mentioned cities, Uber has hired about 25 people and will hire more in due course of time. Singhal said, “We will maintain a lean operations strategy and augment experience with technology support. We will work starting with dozens of driver partners in each new city to enhance local transportation networks and do not see any problems coming.”