Tyan Announces Its Product Portfolio Of Ethernet Adapters That Are Compatible With Tyan Platforms

TYAN_index_logoTYAN, an industry-leading server platform design manufacturer and subsidiary of MiTAC Group, announced its product portfolio of Ethernet adapters. Compatible with TYAN platforms, all TYAN Ethernet adapters fit nicely in various server computing environments and will provide increased efficiency, scalability and stability. Please contact your local TYAN sales representative for our special Ethernet promotion program.

Based on Broadcom 1GbE technology, TYAN presents the 1GbE P1113 and P1115 Ethernet adapters that targets general networking environments such as enterprise IT or industry standard servers. TYAN also presents the high-end 10GbE solutions; the P1117 and P1118 for high performance computing or datacenters such as IPDC, web-hosting, social media and supercomputers. These are ideal solutions for critical high load network requirements coming from massive computing workloads. All TYAN Ethernet adapters incorporate the Broadcom based IC and deliver superior networking capability for different types of server computing environments. itvoice

All four TYAN Ethernet adapters are now available and we welcome you to contact your local TYAN sales representative for our special Ethernet promotional program. For more detailed product information, please visit the TYAN website: www.tyan.com or contact your local representative.

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