Twitter & Zoom hit by racial discrimination accusations

During the weekend, some people spotted Twitter and Zoom showcasing racial discrimination. People noticed that when Zoom started removing dark skin tone people when a virtual background was used. The same did not happen with lighter-skinned people.

Twitter was also spotted doing the same as it was cropping thumbnails to support a white skin over black skin.



One of the researchers recently posted on twitter regarding Zoom’s function of erasing a black-faced man when she was applying a virtual background.

Another person has experimented while taking pictures of Mitch McConnell and Barack Obama and tried to use the algorithms of the platform. Twitter in this case highlighted Mitch McConnell over Barack Obama.

Twitter has responded that it will work on this issue and they have taken the responsibility and have admitted that it’s their fault. Lately, Zehan Wang and Liz Kelley have said that twitter was tested on all before it was going to shipped and they did not find anything itchy but after looking at all the evidence, they are going to do more analysis.

Some users have noticed that twitter’s various clients such as Twitterrific, mobile app, Tweetdeck, etc showcased a variety of urgencies when it comes to cropping the image. Even in the case of cartoon characters and animals, the algorithm is focusing on bright appearances.