Twitter & Facebook Flags Trump’s Post as Misleading

Twitter and Facebook have labeled as “misleading” in an election-eve post by the United States President and has claimed mail-in ballots in the key state of Pennsylvania would result in widespread fraud and street vehemence.

The United States Supreme Court dealt Trump’s re-election crusade a blow in the previous week when it ruled to permit mail-in ballots in the swing state to be counted up to 3 days after the genuine election night on 3rd November.

The Republican leader has voiced his antagonism to mail-in ballots, frequently demanding with no evidence that the process will be equipped against the leader.

The current president of the states has said that the Supreme Court decision on voting in Pennsylvania is extremely dangerous and it will permit widespread and unimpeded cheating and will weaken the country’s complete system of laws.


Image from Twitter


He also said that it will further persuade vehemence in the streets. So as per something must be done.

While twitter marked the post with a content warning that said some or all of the content shared in this tweet is doubtful and might be deceptive about an election or other civic procedure.

Users were obligated to click via the cautionary message to see the tweet. The company had also added a link to the bottom of the president’s post where the public could learn how voting via mail is benign and protected.

Facebook too added a label to the president’s post, which said that voting by mail as well as voting in person has an extensive past of dependability in the United States. Voter fraud is extremely rare across voting approaches.

Twitter in the coming months has marked a no. of president’s tweets as “misleading” or adoring violence, counting a post on anti-racism discontent in Minneapolis in May.

The company has also added fact-checks to 2 of Trump’s previous tweets on mail-in voting, flickering an energetic reaction from Trump and his right-wing replacements who blame social media firms of bias against traditionalists.