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Twitter announces the first annual Twitter Awards

Twitter is rolling out the virtual red carpet for the first annual Twitter Awards to recognise and celebrate the creative work of advertising clients all over the world. The company said the awards are an attempt to recognise the advertisers who have risen above the competition over the past year.
Twitter will be capturing the work of advertisers in six categories — with one gold, two silvers, and three bronze prizes handed out for each category.
The live award will recognise the campaigns that best used Twitter to connect with people live during events, television, and global moments.
The impact award is aimed at recognising the campaigns that delivered the best ROI results, while the scale and creativity awards are directed at recognising the campaigns that generated worldwide engagement, and creativity and innovation respectively.
Twitter will also reocgnise businesses that excelled at using Twitter for customer service and small businesses that used Twitter ads to grow and expand.
Award winners will also receive a special digital presence at the Twitter headquarters. The panel of judges will include industry experts and executives from agencies, brands, and other professionals who are pioneers in the arena of advertising.