Twitter adds voice notes functionality in Tweets only for IOS devices right now

Twitter has become a significant platform for people to convey their message across the world. It promotes and encourages communication between multiple parties. It has become a hub of real-time information being shared about the happenings all around the world. Twitter allows only 280 characters to be shared per tweet, which many believe has restricted people from sharing their original thoughts and many times being misunderstood completely. Therefore Twitter has released the facility of adding voice notes while posting tweets. It will allow people to have more control over their tweets. It will help them elaborate on what they are trying to convey. This feature will only be available on the IOS platform and will be rolled out to other devices soon.

This will help extend what people have to say and share, Twitter says that is a test run and will help them analyse how it goes and will hope to add more human touch to the conversation. You will be able to add voice notes attached to tweets to add context to their post. Total listens on the voice notes will appear below the tweet though people won’t be allowed to download the voice notes. Also, you won’t be permitted to reply to the tweet using a voice note. To attach a voice note, an option will appear alongside the camera option, and a limit is set on the length of voice note. Twitter will allow only 140 seconds of voice notes to be attached with a tweet, and if you exceed more than that, a new tweet will be created automatically. They have also created a functionality so that you can hear a voice note will continuing to scroll your feed. The feature arrives only in IOS devices, and the date for android update is still unknown. It is interesting to see this move from Twitter as it has improved over the years by allowing photos and videos and increasing the character length and now adding voice notes. The company doesn’t want to make it a podcast and wants to improve the way of communication hence has limited users by restricting them to a limit of 140 seconds on the new feature.