TweetDeck redesigned Website by Twitter, You can try it now!

tweet deck

Source: Twitter

Twitter has displayed their redesigned TweetDeck website. Twitter recently announced that the redesigned version will be rolling out the selected few users in Australia, Canada and US currently.

To try out this new feature you can follow the instructions in the given tweet:

You can just run the following code in the Console section of the inspect element of any browser and just hit enter and reload.

document.cookie = “tweetdeck_version=beta”

And right through this you can experience the new version of TweetDeck redesigned platform. In the above tweet TweetDeck mentioned that “the new & improved version of TweetDeck to a limited number of accounts, with enhanced functionality that incorporates more of what you see on

Twitter has assured that the current features aren’t going anywhere and will be there for the users to use.

The product lead @twitter also mentioned about testing the features in a small group of users in US, Canada and Australia. And “Through these tests, we’re exploring how we can give people more customization and control using TweetDeck. We want to get feedback on how we can expand TweetDeck’s offerings for those who use it the most.

We’ll take these lessons into account as we explore what TweetDeck could look like within Twitter’s subscription offerings later on. We’ll have more to share soon as we learn from these tests.” he later added.


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