January 25, 2021

TV18 Broadcasting Group Trusts Matrix ETERNITY IP -PBX to Efficiently Manage High Call Traffic

TV18 is a television broadcasting group offering media services and Matrix ETERNITY IP -PBXoperates various channels for Indian viewers. The customer was looking for a reliable and robust communication backbone to seamlessly handle its high call traffic. The broadcaster opted for Matrix ETERNITY ME IP-PBX, a specialized IP-PBX designed for enterprises.

Customer’s major challenge was to have 24×7 uninterrupted communications even during downtime of existing telecom infrastructure. They required a reliable Communication System to process their large number of calls.

The existing client setup included a phone system that lacked them round-the-clock connectivity. As a result of which customer lost 15000 to 20000 calls a day. Customer’s business model being based on tele-calling, they could not afford such call losses. On analyzing the complete scenario, the client was skeptical about the solution that can integrate with their existing infrastructure and provide them connectivity even during downtime.

Solution                                                                                               Matrix along with its Delhi based channel partner-Corporate Tele Systems Pvt. Ltd. offered ETERNITY ME that integrated with their existing Phone System. ETERNITY ME is a compact platform with convenient features and flexible functionalities, eliminating the need of large power stations and multiple cabinets.

• ETERNITY ME – The IP-PBX with up to 512 ports
• Seamless connectivity even in server downtime with integration
of ETERNITY ME IP-PBX with existing infrastructure
• Connected 10+ T1/E1 PRI lines for handling 20,000 daily calls

Application Scenario

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• Integration with Existing Infrastructure, thus Reduced Telecom Cost
• Round the Clock Connectivity with Minimum Downtime
• Reduced Call Loss