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Tummoc Introduces app in Kannada Language, for Bengaluru Commuters

Growing by leaps and bounds, Tummoc app has marked its presence in today’s time. What could be a better testimonial for this than its 350K+ monthly active users and has 50K+ daily users with a total userbase of 1.5M+ Users across 12 Cities where Bengaluru having around 70% users.

This app provides information about the best available public transport options and also provides contactless and hassle free ticketing systems for public as well as private transports. Having the major user base in Bangalore, Tummoc has introduced Kannada language option on the app to make the experience more convenient for the local users.

In order to switch the language to Kannada, users have to open the menu, click on the option “Change Language”, tap on “Kannada” and click on “Continue”.

So far, the new introduction by the app has garnered a positive response, to an extent that around 50% of the daily active users from Bangalore are using the app in the local language. The introduction of this local language in the app is best for those people who are not comfortable in any other language.

Monalisha Thakur, Co-founder & CMO at Tummoc

Expressing joy over the latest development, Monalisha Thakur, Co-founder & CMO at Tummoc said,ย โ€œWe are constantly trying to add new features to our app in order to make it easier for commuters. For those who find it difficult to type in English, this feature will help them book tickets in simple steps and in no time. We are overwhelmed with the response we are already receiving from users since the launch of Kannada and looking forward to keep adding value to users by enabling the easiest localised features.โ€

In the foreseeable future, Tummoc plans to add more languages like Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu etc. in the app, to ensure ease and comfort for people living in that region. The motive of launching various languages on the app is to provide a better experience to customers by enabling them to use the app in their preferred language. Being a daily-use app, Tummoc does not want language to become a barrier while using the app.

Tummoc provides the utmost priority to its customers and wants to make the facility of #smartcommute more accessible by offering maximum ease and convenience.

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