Tulix Systems And ImmediaTV Partner To Provide Streaming Solution With High Scalability

imagesTulix Systems, a leading live streaming services and media content distribution company, today announced it has partnered with ImmediaTV, a provider of professional video processing and network solutions, to showcase the latter company’s line of video encoders. Though Tulix Systems has built PC-based encoders for customers of its video and audio streaming services in the past, larger broadcasters with more complex hardware needs may require more scalable and customized solutions, which ImmediaTV’s encoders provide. Tulix Systems owns a content delivery network (CDN) and is based in Atlanta, GA, where it has 3 data centers that provide the backbone for its streaming operations. The combination of ImmediaTV’s powerful encoders and Tulix’s streaming-optimized CDN means that customers of the two companies will face almost no limitations in terms of video quality, streaming features, and number of viewers.

In a discussion of the partnership, Tulix Systems’ EVP Dr. Nino Doijashvili said: “We have an optimal network for live streaming and can stream video up to the highest qualities and bit rates, but there are sometimes hardware limitations that make it so that some broadcasters cannot take full advantage of everything we have to offer. ImmediaTV’s encoders are highly scalable and thus eliminate these limitations, meaning that customers using our live streaming service and ImmediaTV’s encoders can stream to anywhere in the world without constraints.” ImmediaTV’s VP of Engineering Dr. Ciro Noronha added: “Tulix’s CDN services are the ideal complement for the advanced networking options available in ImmediaTV’s encoding equipment. The same equipment can be used in the traditional broadcast transport applications, as well as to publish content in the Internet using Tulix Systems’ infrastructure.”

What sets ImmediaTV’s encoders apart from a simple PC-based software encoder is their ability to provide broadcast-grade video quality (up to 1080p60), SD-SDI / HD-SDI video inputs with embedded audio, and ancillary data support for closed captioning and AFD in high-density, low-power packages. These features are fully supported by Tulix’s media delivery network and complement many of the services Tulix already provides its streaming customers, including delivery to iOS, Android, Google TV, and Roku devices with DVR systems, video on demand (VOD) content management, and fully integrated monetization solutions. Businesses and organizations of all sizes and varieties have used Tulix’s services to create, monetize, and distribute on demand and live content to any device around the world. The partnership between ImmediaTV and Tulix Systems is optimal for broadcasters of any size, but is particularly beneficial to large content distributors who need hardware and networks that scale with high quality video and large viewer numbers.