February 28, 2021

Tsukaeru Group Launches Cloudmatika Cloud Services

Tsukaeru Group from Japan, a leading provider of Cloud Computing Services in Asia, has today announced the Cloudpublic operational launch of it’s Cloud Service “Cloudmatika” in Indonesia. The service is incorporated in Indonesia as a 100% local limited company (PT Awan Solusi Informatika) in partnership with the Indonesian ISKA Group of Companies.

Indonesia is one of the fastest growing markets for Cloud Computing, due to the fast growing Internet penetration, middle class and SMEs. Already highly successful in Japan and Australia, it was an obvious next step for Tsukaeru Group to choose Indonesia for it’s expansion across Asia.

With today’s launch, Cloudmatika is providing the most advanced Cloud Infrastructure in Indonesia. Also know as “IaaS” or “VPS – Virtual Private Servers,” Cloudmatika will be the first provider in Indonesia to offer fully flexible “elastic” and automated Cloud Infrastructure, where customers only have to pay for their real usage instead of high fixed monthly fees. Cloudmatika is the first IaaS provider in Indonesia to offer a 100% financially backed SLA, technically backed by 4 copies of every customer data and server across multiple local Data Centers. Indonesian customers can access Cloudmatika Infrastructure through 14 days free trials, which are fully automated and activated immediately after sign up.

Tsukaeru Group has decided to use ODIN as their group-wide Cloud Platform, including for Cloudmatika, following their long term strategy of only using the best, most reliable and carrier grade solutions. Cloudmatika customers in Indonesia will benefit from the first ODIN platform deployment in the country, thus enjoy access to over 400 SaaS & IaaS solutions from across the globally leading APS Standard.

Following the successful deployment of its Cloud Infrastructure, Cloudmatika will soon launch the first Open Xchange platform in Indonesia, providing a truly secure, locally hosted and Open Source collaboration solutions for companies, government and education.

The European Court of Justice ruling on “Safe Harbor” has confirmed that any data from foreigners stored in the US by US Cloud Providers is not secure. Cloudmatika, as a 100% Indonesian company with completely local Infrastructure, can guarantee the integrity and protection of Indonesian data. Additionally, the Indonesian data sovereignty law 82/2012 forbids the storage of Indonesian data outside of the country, so Cloudmatika can provide full legal compliance to Indonesian Cloud customers.

During today’s official launch of Cloudmatika in Jakarta, Jason Frisch, founder of Tsukaeru Group, was quoted saying: “We are very excited to open Indonesia as a new market for our group. We have combined all our experience and expertise from the last decade into this venture; and we are very excited about the large scale positive feedback from our Indonesian customers and partners. We will continue listening to them and aim to further exceed their expectations.”