Trendy Mobile Accessories At Shoestring Budget

With the increase in importance of mobile phone usage over the years, consumers have become very choosy in selecting the right accessories for it. These days a mobile phone is incomplete without its accessories. Mobile accessories are not only used for customization and giving an appealing look to one’s mobile but they also help in useful functioning and guarding the phone. Mobile accessories either enhance the look of the phone or improve performance. By adding proper accessories one can even use the mobile phone as a multipurpose device. However, many a times, these accessories are too expensive and not pocket friendly. But now you can choose interesting mobile accessories for your phone from at a shoestring budget under Rs. 1500/-

1. Powerbank – Due to the internet penetration, an individual ptronusually spends 60-70 % of his time on mobile phone for various reasons – business, leisure, online shopping, etc. This causes the battery to drain quickly. To bring back life in your mobile Powerbanks can act as a life saving mobile accessory. PTron Gusto Powerbank the thinnest Powerbank with the size of a credit card and is available only for Rs. 599/-

2. Bluetooth speakers – A portable Bluetooth speaker that is an answer to your wireless music needs. If you’re looking for a bluetoothconvenient way listen to music away from your computer, home stereo system, or car and you want to listen to music that is digitized via mobile/ tablet/ laptop, then a Bluetooth speaker is pretty much exactly what you’re looking for.  A portable speaker that connects wirelessly to your device. PTron brings you a range of portable Bluetooth speakers ranging from Rs.499/- to Rs. 1499/-

3. Headsets/ Earplugs – A must have for your mobile phone. Headsets help you stay away from boredom. Use it anytime to listen ptronto your favorite music. It is important to buy a headset that is light in weight, easy to carry, that has a cool and attractive look. It is also important to check that the headset is of a good quality. PTron HBE7 is a smart looking headset with a tangle free TPE cable and it is easy to make private voice/video calls, answer calls and hang up easily. This product is available only for Rs. 299/-

4. Mobile cases – During the course of a day, your mobile phone is latestoneexposed to different dangers. An inexpensive mobile case for your mobile phone can absorb damage and prevent your phone from getting damaged, even at the case’s own peril. Also, a colorful case or a designer mobile case makes your phone more attractive and makes it easier for you to identify your phone if you ever have to pick it out of a crowd.

5.  Bluetooth Smartwatch – Wearable technology market is booming in India. Bluetooth smartwatch is a must have for your smartwatchmobile phone as it comes with a lot of special features that makes life simpler. The smartwatch comes with a pedometer that helps you monitor your daily movements, time to monitor the distance of movement, speed, duration, step number, power consumption. It has a two way lost anti: The clock will ring to alert if the phone is far from over 5metros clock, Vice Versa. It also has a Built-in 1.3MP camera that helps you to record a video. and also supports remote mobile phone to take a pictures. To monitor your sleep quality, ensure good health, giving you reminders on particular activities, the smartwatch has a sleep monitoring system. PTron Tronitex Bluetooth Smartwatch supports various languages like English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic and Thai. The Bluetooth smartwatch is priced at Rs. 1399/-

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