Trend Micro Releases First Ever Guide for Cybercriminal Investigations

Trend Micro  a global leader in cyber security solutions, today announced the release of the first edition Cyber crime Investigation Body of Knowledge (CIBOK) book by the CIBOK editorial committee. This book is designed to set a new standard for public-private partnerships in the global fight against cyber crime by providing the knowledge, skills and behaviour required to solve and prevent today’s threats.

Trend Micro took the initiative to bring together great minds in cyber security investigations to ensure relevant, high quality results. Leading incident responders, former FBI and DOJ investigators, cyber security lawyers and security researchers collaborated to develop this resource for use in education and for the betterment of the industry.

“CIBOK introduces a standard for the research and investigation of cyber criminal activity that can unify and strengthen the collective efforts to fight global cyber crime,” said Ed Cabrera, chief cyber security officer for Trend Micro. “Trend Micro is a strong advocate for public-private partnerships, and this book provides a foundation to guide security researchers, law enforcement and incident response teams. It also encourages more individuals and organizations to work together.”

 Public-private partnerships are an integral aspect of the global fight against cyber crime. In developing this book, CIBOK and Trend Micro recognized and met the need for an industry standard to advance cyber criminal investigations. CIBOK focuses on five key objectives, including the need for consistent cyber criminal investigations and what content is needed for investigations. It addresses the needs, background information and requirements for cyber security researchers assisting law enforcement, and can be used as an educational tool for students and industry practitioners.

 Trend Micro fosters ongoing partnerships with INTERPOL, the National Crime Agency, FBI and the Secret Service, which result in the identification and arrest of cyber criminals around the globe. A recent example of this is the 2016 INTERPOL arrest of a Nigerian national who had extorted $60 million from businesses around the world using BEC scams, which Trend Micro supported.