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Trend Micro Offers Industry’s Broadest Zero Trust Solution with the Unique Risk Insights Organizations Need

Trend Micro Incorporated  a global cybersecurity leader, offers comprehensive visibility into identity and device security health based on the industry’s most comprehensive risk insights. This is critical for customers to successfully achieve true Zero Trust security. 

According to Forrester, “Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is the signature security technology of the pandemic. While modestly unchaining users from their antiquated VPN technology, it has inspired organizations to reimagine how security (and networking) can be consumed both today and in the future.” 

With a dispersed workforce using a variety of devices to access corporate resources hosted in a range of locations, from the corporate data center to cloud or SaaS applications, companies can no longer assume verified or trusted devices and individual identities are secure. Zero Trust is the key strategy to enhance the security of critical data and systems. It is the way forward to secure the always changing hybrid workplace in a more agile, effective manner than legacy security architectures can deliver.

However, the market is rife with confusion. Trust and access decisions are being made without the appropriate context or a complete understanding of risk based on so-called Zero Trust solutions.

“For years vendors have been claiming ‘Zero Trust’ by slapping the label on any and all types of solutions without understanding how to actually measure trust,” said Kevin Simzer, chief operations officer for Trend Micro. “Trend Micro is uniquely positioned to provide critical insight into identity and device health with its comprehensive XDR and visibility into email risk, which is foundational for building a successful Zero Trust strategy.”

Trend Micro’s Zero Trust strategy crucially leverages Trend Micro Vision One’s capabilities—delivering insight with the broadest XDR solution to cover telemetry across email, cloud, networks and SaaS applications. The strategy provides continuous security posture assessment and complete insights so teams can make informed decisions.

Key highlights for businesses include:

  • Risk and security health based on a continuous assessment of the user, device, app and content. This supports automated access control, flags incidents for alert investigations and creates dashboards for CISOs and SOC teams to make informed decisions.
  • A secure connection is established based on the health assessment each time a device or user attempts to access the corporate resource. This includes a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) API integration to SaaS apps, network enforcement points in front of company resources and support for blocking access to specific applications using existing endpoint agents.

Visibility for SOC teams into email usage is particularly key as phishing activity from internal users could indicate that user identities have been compromised—a common early sign of an ongoing ransomware attack.

Customers can leverage Trend Micro’s risk scores for Zero Trust to feed third-party SASE and other solutions via APIs—driving additional value. Senior decision-makers can leverage the insights and dashboard to better understand how their organization’s security posture is trending over time.

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