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Transcend Releases 256GB/128GB High Capacity USB 3.0 Flash Drives for Upgraded File Storage And Transfer Speeds

Transcend, a worldwide leader in storage and multimedia products, unnamedis proud to announce the launch of 256GB and 128GB high capacity USB 3.0 flash drives. The series includes the high-speed 256GB JetFlash 780, the rugged 128GB JetFlash 810, the classic JetFlash700/730 and the capless JetFlash 790K/790W. With enormous storage space and blazing-fast transfer rate, these USB flash drives offer the easiest way to transfer large files efficiently between USB port-equipped devices.

JetFlash 780: Extra-large 256GB capacity & 210MB/s transfer rate
Taking full advantage of their 256GB capacity, Transcend’s JetFlash 780 USB flash drives allow users to store, transfer, backup and share their entire collection of personal media files and vital data. Each 256GB flash drive can store more than 120,000 images, 64,000 mp3 songs, or a full 64 hours of Full HD video. In addition, the JetFlash 780 offers amazing transfer speeds of up to 210MB/s, allowing users to transfer and share files quicker than ever before. Besides, the top-tier MLC NAND flash chips inside provide consistent long-life durability and endurance.

JetFlash 810: Rugged with excellent shock-resistance
The rugged JetFlash 810 features a durable and splash-resistant construction. Its compact rubber housing meets rigorous U.S. military drop-test standards, providing excellent resistance to shock, moisture, dust and other contaminants. Available in 5 colors for each storage capacity, the vibrant color scheme is highly visible in outdoor environments.

JetFlash 700/730 & 790K/790W: Classic and capless designs
The JetFlash 700/730 features a classic design with a combination of speed and beauty; its sleek gloss white and sleek piano-black gives a sense of elegance, perfect for those who demand stylish aesthetics. On the other hand, the JetFlash 790K/790W offers a choice of capless and retractable design that not only protects the device and its contents, but is compact and easy to carry around.

Transcend’s JetFlash 780 flash drives are offered from 8GB to 256GB capacities; the JetFlash 810 and JetFlash 790K/790W series from 8GB to 128GB and the JetFlash 700/730 are available from 4GB to 128GB capacities. All Transcend’s USB flash drives carry Transcend’s Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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