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Traffline smartphone app launched, gives real time info about traffic jams in India

TrafflineTwo Mumbai based entrepreneurs have launched a new smartphone app called Traffline. The app gives information about traffic jams and the best possible routes to make life easier for commuters in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. The app is available for Blackberry, Android and iOS users.

The Traffline app appears as a link on the Mumbai traffic police’s website and gives real-time details on road congestion. The traffic is shown in color-coded lines showing congested areas, slow and fast moving traffic as well as best alternate routes available.

Commuters can also report accidents, stalled vehicles or processions on various routes and get points for contributing correct information. Registered users can later redeem the points through various schemes. The app also gives you quick access to traffic police’s helpline. Users can also share their location with their friends on social media or through instant messengers if they need help via the Traffline app.

Brijraj Vaghani, founder of the start-up stated at the launch, “Traffline aims at helping motorists save on time wasted in traffic jams. Users can look up information like vehicular movement around the area they are based, estimated travel time between two locations, choice of best route available and a call centre for help. The information is in the form of a map, text and audio.”

“You can also receive ‘push’ notifications or real-time updates whenever there are problems on your route,” Vaghani said. Users don’t have to remain online to receive messages, the app also sends out ‘push’ notification or messages even when offline to the user’s phone updating traffic status.