January 27, 2021

Touch screen laptop series inspired by notebook

Acer upgraded its product range in the V5 series by launching four new V5 laptops that are totally touch-based. This new launch by Acer presents multi-touch screen laptops which are powered by Windows 8.


The sizes of the laptops that have been launched are said to lie between 14-inches and 15.6 inches and they offer a 10-point touch display which is equipped with a large track-pad that can be used to support multi-gestures.

The processor used in the series depends upon the price range and is in between Pentium dual-core to Intel core i5 as reported by the sources.

Most of the features are similar to the features that are available in the notebooks these days like HDMI port, built-in optical drive, USB 3.0 ports, card reader, Ethernet port, Webcam and Bluetooth.

Acer positively claimed about the effective weight drop and strongly focused on the light load of the laptop on the user.

Acer in a statement said that the weight had been dropped up to 10 percent and the bulk was also lessened by about 30 percent if compared to the notebook. These laptops are said to have a weight of 2 kilograms.

They will be available to the users at a price range which lies between Rs 34,550 and Rs 47,500. Acer further was unavailable for comments on detailed technicalities.