March 5, 2021

Toshiba &Rashi storage partners all set to fly to Hong Kong- Macau

Toshiba storage along with its distributor Rashi peripherals is all set to fly more than 100 partners to Hong Kong and Macau very soon. The trip to Macau which is the casino capital of the world will be as a part of the reward which partners will win for Toshiba external hard drives. This new program for the partners is valid during the JFM quarter.


Rashi is overwhelmed by the tremendous response from the partner community not only from the metros but also from smaller locations like Madurai, Jammu, Guwahati, Trichy etc. This will be the first ever trip conducted for Toshiba storage products and partners are very excited for the same. In fact most partners are planning to qualify for 2 seats so that they can be accompanied by their spouse.

Mr. Rajan from Super- tech computers on a lighter side said “I am aiming for doubling the target so that my wife can join me at the Macau casino. While I reap profits by selling Toshiba external hard drives I will also have the opportunity to win at Macau casino. It is utmost necessary that my wife accompanies me to help me collect the winning amount at the casino. I thank Toshiba &RashiPeripherals to give me the opportunity to double my benefit.”


Mr. Polad Garda, Manager Marketing- Storage Devices, Toshiba India says “At Toshiba we firmly believe in appreciation for partners efforts. Thus to take it to the next level we have decided to motivate them further with a complimentary trip for them to relax. We have been investing heavily to ensure maximum partner participation. Toshiba treats the partners as a family and strongly believes in growing together as a team. ”

Mr. Rajesh Goenka, VP- Sales & Marketing, Rashi Peripherals Pvt. Ltd. says “This is a great way to celebrate the success that partners will achieve. Toshiba always has these unique ideas to facilitate the partners and we at Rashi Peripherals will make sure that every winner has a wonderful experience.”

Toshiba external driveis the leading brand in the country and extensively used by various end users and corporates. Toshiba range includes Canvio slim drives available in various colors and is available from 500 GB to 3TB. All these Toshiba external drives are sold and serviced from each of the 64 branches of Rashi Peripherals.