Toshiba Launches New MOSFET “SSM3K337R” For Relay Drivers

imagesToshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) today announced that it has launched a MOSFET, “SSM3K337R”, for relay drivers. The new device uses an active clamp structure that prevents overvoltage when the inductive load of relay devices is switched off. Sample is available and mass production is scheduled to start in September.

Demand for relay drivers is growing for automobile, since the number of electric components equipped by automobile is increasing.

The “SSM3K337R” reduces ON-resistance by half and improves allowable power dissipation to approximately 1.6 times that of equivalent products.

Key Features

Active clamp structure reduces stress by inductive load of relay devices.

ON-resistance is reduced by half.

Allowable power dissipation is improved to approximately 1.6 times, with SOT-23F package.