Toshiba introduces wireless power receiver IC


Toshiba has made the “TC7763WBG” which is a wireless power receiver IC (Integrated Circuit) for mobile phones, mobile accessories and wireless game controllers. The wireless power receiver IC has a charging time that is the same as charging with a cable.

This Toshiba chip adheres to the Qi wireless charging standard, which makes it compatible with many other devices and chargers which use the same technology. The circuit is able to achieve a maximum output power of 5 watts, which make it at par with wired charging solutions. The wireless charger is free of any exposed charging ports, that is an advantage with demand increasing for waterproof portable products, such as wireless video game controllers and smartphones.

Deepak Mithani, senior director of the Mixed Signal Business Unit, System LSI Group at TAEC stated at the launch, “We are seeing a strong interest in wireless power technology for products like smartphones, game controllers, and other portable devices. Besides the advantage of charging a device without the use of a cable, one interesting and emerging application is for mobile waterproof gadgets where a device is fully enclosed in its housing with no exposed connectors. Customers are demanding a quick way to charge their portable electronics and this chipset provides a convenient and effective way to satisfy their demand.”

Toshiba had first unveiled the device at the CES 2014, along with prototype of its laptop-tablet-desktop-canvas hybrid. The tablet has a hinge back design along with a detachable keyboard. The hybrid device offers different modes including a desktop mode, laptop mode, canvas mode and a tablet mode. Toshiba is expected to release the hybrid tablet sometime this year.

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