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IT jobsThere is never a dearth of requirements for skilled IT professionals across the globe. Unemployment rate for IT professionals is the lowest in the world. But there are some IT roles, which are more in demand and they also pay better than others. Here, we have listed top ten highest-paying IT roles, to start from the beginning across different stages of life, which will simply adorn your IT career and you’ll never require to look back all throughout your life.

1.Business Intelligence Architect: A business intelligence architect is responsible for data standards, warehousing, designing and developing logical and physical data models and distributed data and information management. They design the architecture to install, configure and use business intelligence applications to manage an organisation. The role requires job seekers have minimum bachelor’s degree and some experience in a BI role. The compensation package is $81,200.

2. Solutions Architect: A solutions architect is very crucial in software development cycle as this person looks after conversion of a product, application of customer requirements and proper designing for a solution. The role requires a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience and the package offered is $91,500.

3. ASIC Design Engineer: This role is responsible for producing application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) designs, researching and developing ASIC engineering techniques, verifying and validating designs, looking after documentation and also sometimes mentoring team members. This role also requires minimum bachelor’s degree and some experience in ASIC usage. Compensation package is $83,300.

4. Software Architect: This person primarily looks after initial design and development of software revisions. They also define specific requirements for different products and they can also create high-level architectural specifications for customers. This role also requires a bachelor’s degree and it’s purely an entry-level position. The architect is also required to have an advanced degree in area of specialty. Compensation package is $94,100.

5. Data Scientist, IT: This is considered the hottest job in IT sector as a data scientist uses machine learning experience and extracts information from data stores. The role also requires bachelor’s degree and experience in data mining, structured data modeling and more. Package offered is $97,600.

6. Chief Architect, IT: This person’s responsibilities vary across several companies and they always require to understand business processes, infrastructure and applications. They are into business operations and strategic IT initiatives. This role also requires a bachelor’s degree and also some technical as well as soft skills. The package offered is $155,000.

7. Principal Software Architect: This role identifies and evaluates software product requirements and also their drawbacks and they also look for inputs from users and executives so that the software meets all the requirements. They are more into innovation and research of new methods and technologies and they help position IT department and software development strategy. This role also requires a bachelor’s degree and some basic soft skills required are business analysis, research skills, communications and negotiation skills. The package is $151,000 for this role.

8. Principal Software Engineer: These people are in charge of most of the technical things of software projects and they look after efficiency of software projects. They look after how to minimise cost, while maintaining productivity. They also supervise developers and for this role a bachelor’s degree in computer science is must required, along with (CSDP) Certified Software Development Professional certification and hands-on experience. They are paid around $133,000.9. Senior Computer Scientist:

9.Senior Computer Scientist: Computer scientists work with a research team which comprises computer programmers, mechanical or electrical engineers, and other IT professionals. They are responsible for improving performance of computer systems and software and also developing new computing techniques. Computer scientists hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems or software engineering and may also hold a PhD in computer science, computer engineering and so on. The package offered is $145,000.

10. Project Management Director, IT: This director posts supervises all corporate IT projects. The role is responsible for project management direction, setting and maintaining staffing requirements and making sure that all goals and objectives are met. These professionals oversee project managers and their teams. This role also requires a bachelor’s degree and lots of problem-solving, negotiation and management skills, along with some technical skills. The compensation package offered is $142,000.

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