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Top Gadgets Guide for the Tech Savvy Senior citizens

Senior citizens are often left out of the loop when it comes to technology. Anyone 60 and older may not own a smartphone or even know how to make use of the advanced features.
While there’s a steady stream of gadgets launched every other day, one category that usually doesn’t get specifically targeted is the Elderly. Although, in the last couple of months, there have been few products best suited to be used and operated by the senior citizens. These devices are well equipped to offer extreme convenience, while helping the elderly to stay connected and safe.
Here are the most interesting new devices for those in their twilight years:
itel it7100: A phone with text-to-speech feature!
Available at an unbelievable price tag of 1,999 INR, the SmartSelfie it7100 has been designed to meet the end-to-end requirements of senior citizens and comes equipped with an array of essential features including picture-enabled contacts, multiple voice and text-based language support (including its King Voice text-to-speech feature), large, easy to read keypad, SOS feature, wireless FM with recording, and dual camera with dual flash.
A phone featuring an 8.1 cm WHVGA IPS display, itel it7100’s big screen is ideal for senior citizens to operate in a hassle-free manner. Its 1.3 MP front and rear cameras with dual flash capture perfect pictures with their loved ones. The phone also provides King Voice in English along with reading support for 22 popular regional languages in India. The feature-intensive phone can store up to 3,000 picture-enabled contacts and up to 3,000 messages in its inbox. Its memory can also be expanded to up to 32 GB using a micro SD card. The SmartSelfie it7100 is the complete value-plus package for the new-age senior citizens!
The high-performance phone from itel Mobile also delivers the perfect gaming experience and comes with 9 preloaded games along with a long lasting battery; its super battery mode allows users to have more fun for much longer than any other phone in the category.
TV Ears 5.0: Smart Hearing Aid for Entertainment
For those who have a hearing problem, TV Ears offers a solution. This wireless TV listening device uses an infrared signal similar to the one in your TV remote control. It will help you hear the TV clearly without turning up the volume on the set itself. You will be able to listen to TV at the volume setting that best suits your needs, while other people can adjust the volume to fit theirs. It is lightweight and is designed to rest under your chin, not on your head. It even comes with noise-cancelling technology. The Dual Digital version of the TV Ears 5.0 is compatible with any TV set. It is available on at Rs.23,800 onwards.
Lively Smartwatch: Ensuring their Smart Safety
The Lively smartwatch sends basic medicine reminders, counts your steps, and has a button that alerts a Lively agent about a potential life-threatening situation. The agent can attempt to contact three family members and friends in case of emergency. The watch also connects to the Lively connected home system that uses sensors attached to the refrigerator or a pillbox.