Top escape room themes to watch out for in 2021

Top escape room themes to watch out for in 2021

Top escape room themes to watch out for in 2021

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Over the years, escape rooms have become a go-to source of fun and enjoyment for friends, families, and coworkers around the world. From celebrating a birthday party to attending corporate events, there’s always innovative and unique designs in Escape Rooms.

Escape Rooms are defined as spaces created using technology, puzzles and ingenuity in which players work together to decipher puzzles and codes in an attempt to solve mysteries, within a set amount of time, where the brain games continue.

During pandemic, real life escape games have become tremendously popular amongst the Indian millennial, as youngsters are always looking for fun ways to spend time with friends and interesting activities. Since they aim to create an experience full of excitement and entertainment, a good concept is crucial. Thousands of escape rooms mean thousands of creative themes, Hareesh Mothi, the founder and CEO of breakout, shares the top 5 Escape room themes of the year.

  1. Movie-Style

This is a theme that leads you on an adventure, bringing to you games that are simple but not-so’ easy adventures. From being a police to a detective or a journalist, a movie-style escape room allows you to live your favorite character

Set on an investigation, Study the forensics, Dig every dimension, Leave no fingerprints behind! Examine every suspect of the case and trust no one. All you and your team have is 1-hour inside a locked room.

  1. Horror Style

Horror as a theme has a particularly strong take, as it is one of those themes that always seems to add a bit of extra spice to the story.

Horror escape rooms focuses on missions based on some creepy and bloody theme that involve the player deep inside the story. With a perfect backstory design and presentation, many escape rooms seem to not go full-on horror and instead incorporate some elements of the occult or horror tropes in games that are primarily mystery or fantasy based.

  1. Crime

Crime as a theme has its own niche of followers. The main story behind this theme is putting the player on the wrong side of the law or on one side of a tussle between criminal elements. The player could be asked to remove evidence before the police locate or to help smuggle something through a secure place. In most cases, ‘Crime’ is just a flavor, essence of the escape is either a ‘Mystery’ or ‘Military’.

  1. Cartoon

A fantasy theme escape room is a mystery with players having to find out certain things that are missing or solve a mystery based on cartoons.

  1. Puzzle

Imagine that you are locked in a room with few unknown people and to move to the next room, you must unravel complex riddles, puzzles and codes. As time elapses, the tension builds. Those level-headed lead the charge, the more cerebral crack the codes, and the faint of heart increase the tension, contributing more to the problem than to the solution.

Escape Rooms are a way of treating your boredom, a great way of utilizing free time. They act as a perfect stress buster, giving a break from technology and the chance to spend some quality time with friends and colleagues.

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