January 21, 2021

Top 3 skills required to be a Digital Marketer!

                       Dr. Raj Padhiyar, Director Digital Gurukul

Digital Marketers are skilled individuals that help now almost all businesses to navigate their products or services throughout complex digital landscapes. Using tools such as SEO, Social media, Data analytics, Guerilla Marketing, lead generation, content marketing, and content writing, these individuals make valuable connections between brands and businesses.

The demand for digital marketing skills currently outweighs the supply of skilled workers in almost all areas of Digital Marketing. This means that recent graduates (In Any stream) have a wealth of opportunity when it comes to starting their careers as there are ample opportunities for them to branch out into specialist areas.

In this article, the writer discussed the most essential three skills that help digital marketing professionals to excel in their careers.

“Move fast & Break things” approach

Think back to your school/college years when you were paired up with other students to work on projects, there was always someone you didn’t want to partner with as you knew they wouldn’t keep up with your level of passion & zeal.

These people who don’t have this would never succeed in the digital marketing world. Motivated digital marketers will find a variety of career path across a range of different areas.

Many Digital marketers launch their dream startup/ join MNC/Startup as a Digital Marketer or work as a successful freelancer & achieving success at astonishing young age. Lifelong learning is an essential quality for any digital marketer due to the speed at which the industry evolves. There are many ways that digital marketers can keep up to date with the latest best practices, tech, and information, including:

–   Free courses by Government Of India
–   Attending events/conferences
–   Following industry news publications
–   Popular Industry blogs

 Learning new skills, like SEO, Affiliate Marketing Data Analytics etc Our love of learning arouses our curiosity as marketers, helping us to take risks as we leave our comfort zone and test new working practices.

Excellent Communication Skills:

Digital marketing is all about communications: It involves reaching audiences, nurturing relationships, and building trust. None of this is possible without brilliant communication skills.

Marketers need to be able to craft messages that can be easily related to and understood by different audiences. This requires the ability to see things from another person’s perspective, being able to communicate ideas in a way that makes perfect sense to others, and knowing what others will find worthwhile and entertaining.

“Moment Marketing” has become vital part of communication strategies of Brands. These are unpredictable and brands have to be ready with their tools ie. brains and skills to make the most of that moment before something else drives the attention away.

Recent case of “Banana controversy” of Popular Indian actor – Rahul Bose, Chandrayan – 2 , Sacred Games – 2, Avengers End game etc. – Brands picked up the trends & instantly came out with unique & creative Social Media campaign that instantly connected with users. So if you have that creative & super fast brain – You are all set to rock!

Strategic and Analytical Thinking:

Great marketers think strategically. As with traditional marketing, digital marketing is about helping clients to achieve their goals. This requires strategic planning, data analysis, and searching for opportunities that will have an impact on the clients’ target market.

If a client wants to increase social media conversions, it’s your job to evaluate their current efforts, find out what they are doing wrong, and create a campaign to achieve better results.

Most Popular tool of analytics is Google Analytics. And its implication in fact huge this is because for most companies, your website serves as a hub for all of your digital traffic. If you are running any marketing activities such as search ads or social media ads, your users is most likely going to visit your website somewhere along their user journey. Given that your website is the central hub of your digital presence, your website is the best way to give you a holistic view of the effectiveness of all the campaigns you are running to promote your product/services online. Google Analytics is a free tool that can help you track your digital marketing effectiveness. That’s why over 50 million websites around the world uses Google Analytics.

Most successful digital marketers carry some, or all the traits mentioned above. They are all key skills that are necessary to make it in this competitive and rewarding field.

So To be a successful digital marketer in 2019 & beyond you must have zeal & passion to excel in Digital marketing industry & delivering outstanding results to client, startups consistently.