Top 10 Most Expensive Gadgets!

ogq355939AM6302014There are some gadgets that are really expensive, but are surely worth the price. Luxury designers have been launching popular devices at price point that suits only rich and famous people. Let’s take a look at a few costliest gadgets available right now:

1. MacBook Air Supreme Platinum Edition

Apple’s products are most loved by luxury designers. Stuart Hughes has designed Apple MacBook Air using platinum. The company has built only five units of the device. The laptop weighs a massive 7kg. The company hasn’t embedded any diamonds or sapphire, yet it is priced at approximately $500,000.

2. Apple iPad 2 Gold History Edition 

Stuart Hughes has created another product from Apple using bone of 65 million years old T-Rex dinosaur. The frame of the device is made using Ammolite, which is the oldest rock in the world. The back panel and Apple logo are made of 24-carat gold. The gadget also has 53 diamonds of 12.5 carat. The device weighs 2kg and is priced at whopping $7.8 million. The company has created only two units of this device for global sales.

3. BlackBerry Amosu Curva 

Alexander Amosu, who is famous British luxury product designer, has created Diamond edition BlackBerry Curve 8900. The smartphone’s body is made using 18-carat gold and it is crafted with a total of 4,459 diamonds of 28-carat on front and back. The company said, it took them 350 hours to design 3 units of the phone. The device is priced at $240,000.

4. Apple iPhone 5 Black Diamond

Luxury product maker Stuart Hughes designed this iPhone 5 with black diamonds of 26-carat. The device is built using 24-carat solid gold of 135grams weight. The frame of phone’s body has 600 white diamonds. The Apple logo on back is made of 53 gems. It took 9 weeks to design a single product. It is priced at $15 million.

5. Hart Audio D&W Aural Pleasure loudspeaker
This is probably the most expensive speaker in the world. It was designed by Hart Audio in 2012. It is made of 18-carat gold. Only one pair of these loudspeakers is available for $4.7million. Company has also built five units of silver speakers for $315,000 and 99 units of solid phosphor bronze speakers, that are priced at $63,000 for each.

6. Nintendo Wii Supreme

Even though this product is discontinued by the manufacturer, Stuart Hughes redesigned this product, which is specially made for gamers. It is made using 2.5 kg of 22-carat gold. It took six months to craft one product. The buttons are made using 78×0.25-carat diamonds. The company has built only three units, each costing $497,300

7. Sony PlayStation 3 Supreme

Another golden gadget for gamers by Stuart Hughes! Sony has outdated this product from their list. The device is made using 16kg gold of 22-carat. The gaming console has diamond studded disc loading slot, with 58 22-carat diamonds. The company has made only 3 units of this gaming console, each costing $331,500.

8. Steinway Lyngdorf Model LS Concert Speaker

You can bring this concert audio to your house for $250,000. Each speaker has a piano black side. And all eight AMT tweeters are rounded by 24-carat gold. These 40.64-cm (16-inch) wide and 8-feet tall speakers are made using curved drape of super-thin bungee cords.

9. Camael Diamond iPad

This gadget made by Camael London is crafted with 300-carat diamonds on back and 18-carat of gold body. The home button and Apple logo on the back, are made using black diamonds. The gadget weighs 1kg and costs hefty $1.2 million.

10. Gold iPad Supreme

This is the cheapest of all luxury iPads out there. The company has built 10 units of this product. The back panel is made using 22-carat gold of 2.1kg and diamonds of 25-carat. Apple’s logo is crafted using 53 diamonds of 22-carat. This luxury device is priced at only $190,000. 

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