Toonz Retail India Promotes Eco-friendly Dry Holi, Distributes Free Herbal Colours To Every Customer

Celebrate the festival of Holi in an eco-friendly way with Toonz Retail India, one of the largest kids retail chain in Toonz giving free eco-friendly gulal to customers (1)India for all the needs and occasions of kids from 0-12 years. Toonz is promoting eco-friendly and dry Holi this festive season by gifting every customer visiting Toonz store, a pack of herbal gulal, adding colours and happiness to their lives.

“At Toonz we believe in celebrating every festival with our customers and sharing our happiness with them”, shared Mr. Sharad Venkta, Managing Director & CEO – Toonz Retail India Pvt. Ltd. “Keeping global warming and scarcity of water in mind, Toonz is promoting eco-friendly and dry Holi. We are distributing a pack of Herbal Gulaal to each of our customer who has been visiting our stores in last 10 days. It’s a small initiative of ours to encourage people to go herbal and play Holi without water”, he further added.