TONO Successfully Installs 80kg Projector Lift at Mayfair Lake Resort – A Challenge for other Indian Manufacturers

The heavy duty projector weighed around 80 kgs with a large foot print; it needed a 4.5 meter drop which was a challenging task for other Indian Manufacturers

MUMBAI, India – June 20, 2019

TONO Systems, a leading distributor for specialty audio and video products for homes and professional setups, today announced the installation of an 80kg projector lift which was a challenging task for other Indian manufacturers. The heavy duty projector lift was installed at Mayfair Lake Resort in Raipur. The challenging task that worried other Indian manufacturers was a 4.5 meter drop for such heavy lift which was then successfully installed and executed by TONO Systems with their partner Qubix Professional Audio Video.

TONO Heavy duty Projector Lift comprises of motors, which are used extensively in Heavy engineering. They have been used on the sites such as Burj Khalifa and Sheraton. In comparison to the other brands in India wherein the motor used has two point start and stop system, which limits the operation; the motors of TONO Heavy duty Projector Lift comes with a 4 Point System, which is easy to control and the safety mechanism never allows the lift to reverse it to the ceiling. Any miscalculation in setting limits by the integrator can cause the lift to reverse into the ceiling instead of stopping, which can be prevented by using TONO Heavy duty Projector Lift.

Talking about mission accomplished by the TONO Heavy duty Projector Lift, Nikhil Morey, Founder of TONO Systems and Director at TONO Systems & AV Xplore said, “TONO range of products have been designed to address the challenges faced by customers in the market. We try and provide solutions to customers where other Indian manufacturers have failed to provide any. Our innovations have not just proven to be cutting edge but have been successfully providing experiences to our clientele, which matches the international standards at competitive prices.”

Sharing his experience with TONO, Rythm Arora, Director at QUBIX said, “An installation designed by our team was to be displayed at Mayfair Lake Resort. The projector weighed around 80 kgs and we needed a 4.5 meter drop which was a challenge for any Indian Manufacturer. TONO Heavy duty Projector Lift not only proved to be an appropriate fit, but it has enhanced the look of the site.”

Other products available in the market are made of mild steel that adds additional weight, and affects the wear and tear of motor in the long run. On the other hand, Heavy duty Projector Lift designed by TONO is made of Aluminium that contributes to long life without getting rusted and comprises of light weight body, as well as eases the motor job. Moreover, the sliding mechanism has no chance of misaligning even after long-term usage, which is not the case in other options available in the market, wherein bearing used in mechanism can misalign the lift over the years.

The wide range of modular mounting solutions designed under the brand name TONO Systems include digital signage mounting solutions, projector lifts, TV wall mounts, menu boards, and video walls. With numerous post-installation possibilities and a tailored pantograph alignment system, the TONO range of products is not just easy to use but have proved to be the most powerful solutions.

TONO is currently the only Indian manufacturer that facilitates PAN India installation and customization support.

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