October 29, 2020

TO THE NEW decodes Digital Transformation at the CDO Conclave, Dubai

TO THE NEW, a leading digital technology company was one of the proud Silver Sponsors for a recently held mega event on Digital Transformation. The event titled ‘CDO Conclave’ was held on on March 15-16, 2017 at Dustin Thani, Dubai.
CDO Conclave is an exclusive event that focuses on the significance of Digital Transformation and brings together industry experts to share knowledge and ideas that can help organizations traverse through the complex digital transformation journey. The two day event showcased series of exclusive talks by industry experts from leading organizations in the region.
Didier Bonnet, a renowned global leader in the Digital Transformation space and author of the acclaimed book ‘Leading Digital’, opened the event with an enlightening keynote speech on the impact of digital transformation on large enterprises. The keynote speech was followed by an engaging panel discussion on the ‘Role of a CDO in an Organization’. Punkaj Saini, VP, Digital Transformation, TO THE NEW was part of the panelist and shared his vast experience on the subject.
The conference also featured several other engaging talks by digital leaders from the likes of Microsoft, PwC, Du Telecom, GE etc. The event also featured the Digital Excellence Awards that were aimed at honoring the visionaries who have mastered the art of Digital Transformation.
TO THE NEW presented an interesting take on the digital transformation journey and enlightened the audience highlighting the key enablers of Digital Transformation. The talk concluded with an engaging client success story, digital transformation of a leading leisure and entertainment brand in Dubai. Speaking at the event, Punkaj said “We are proud to be associated with CDO Conclave this year. We are happy to showcase our technology expertise and help companies embark on the digital transformation journey.”
TO THE NEW drives digital transformation to help companies improve products and services, enhance customer experience, enter new markets, and increase revenues.Having deep expertise in varied digital technologies, TO THE NEW has worked on large scale Digital Transformation projects.