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TightProjector 2.0 – A Perfect Instrument To Transmit Screen Data

tightprojectorTightProjector, a program that broadcasts the screen of a computer to several other computers connected into a network, has updated to version 2.0. TightProjector 2.0 is supplied with a new coder which supports jpeg, offers improved user interface and can be run on the latest Microsoft Windows 8computers.

The software has a lot of new features to meet customers’ requirements which make it a useful instrument for different spheres requiring simultaneous information broadcasting on several screens: from education (explaining material to students from a lecturer’s computer) to transport (using airport indicator boards) and business (performing multimedia presentations on negotiations or meetings).

The distribution includes 2 modules as TightProjector is supported by TightReceiver which enables users to watch the data received on multiple computers. Division into modules proves optimized system resources use so the software can be launched on any number of computers. Additional VNC-compatible utilities and packages offered by the developer can extend the areas of use.

A broad range of network connection settings allows performance of several independent units of TightProjector within one local area network. One of enhancements is the multiminitor configuration which supports up to 4 monitors in the new version. Now users can view the same screencast indifferent Remote Desktop sessions running on the same computer.

Furthermore, TightProjector uses multicast UDP packets for sending screen updates, which means the performance will not come to a halt if other computers within the same network are launched. Another valuable feature is that the brand-new interface command line option is now supported in TightProjector which allows specifying network interface for translation needs.

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