This space technology makes buildings water proof and flame resistant

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has successfully tested a water-based, ready-to-use formulation for civilian use and declared that it can make our homes flame-proof, besides preventing water leakage and cooling the interiors by 5°C to 6°C. It was first developed to protect launch vehicles and has proven effective.
Ceramic Polymer Hybrid or CASPOL as ISRO calls it has been developed by the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC). Scientists involved in the project say it is a low-cost solution that can be used in residential and commercial buildings.
While its low solar absorptivity (0.20%) and high emissivity (ability to emit infrared energy) make it a good temperature controller in sunny weather, it can be applied over the concrete surface of a building to prevent water seeping as it plugs micro cracks and holes.
“The brushable and sprayable formulation contains no toxic materials, liquid or vaporizable material (except water). It is human and eco-friendly,” they said.
The space agency, which is now looking for private firms to take this to the masses, says CASPOL has self-extinguishing properties, good adhesion and water repellency characteristics that can also be used for flame-proofing foam materials used in auditoriums and cinema halls where chances of fire-related accidents are high.
“It confers excellent flame retardant, waterproofing and thermal control properties to substrates ranging from masonry surfaces, textiles, paper, thatched leaves, wood et al, to advanced materials like insulation foam pads,” a senior official from VSSC technology transfer & industrial coordination division said.
Besides, it has its use in public transportation systems, including railways. If the foam materials used in passenger seats are rendered flameproof, fire accidents can be reduced to a large extent. “Since flame-proofing of foam materials using CASPOL can be achieved through less expensive processes, there is considerable market potential for CASPOL in Indian foam market,” said another official.
Stating that it is willing to offer the CASPOL technology to “capable and interested parties who are in the field of manufacturing similar items”, Isro said: “Industries or entrepreneurs must share all details of their activity, infrastructure available, market assessment of the product, financial arrangements, among other things.”
Launch vehicle: CASPOL is a flame-proof coating, giving the required flame retardant properties to thermal protection foam pads used in Launch Vehicles.
Household/cinema halls/auditoriums: CASPOL can be applied over the cottage roof to flameproof it, in addition to increasing the life of such roofing of households, reducing maintenance and replacement.
* Temperature: CASPOL reduces temperature inside the room. Low solar absorptivity (0.20%) and high emissivity make it a good temperature controller in sunny weather (by 5°C to 6°C).
* Waterproofing: CASPOL can be applied over the concrete surface of a building to prevent water seeping as CASPOL plugs micro cracks and holes.
* Railways and automobiles:  can be used as a flame retardant material in railways and automobiles where the seat cushions can be made flameproof using this material.