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This is what Apple VP has to say about iPhone X’s ‘most controversial feature’

It has been a while since the Apple’s one of the most popular and powerful smartphone, the iPhone X, has been out in the market. Since the time it was introduced, till now, it has been receiving both appreciation and criticism for the ‘notch’ area covering a small portion on the screen from the top.
When asked about the iPhone X’s ‘notch’ to the company’s vice president of iPhone, iPod and iOS product marketing, Greg Joswiak, he naturally was found praising the particular component. He said that the ‘notch’ happens to be the most densely packed areas in the handset.
“With all of those components, this is one of the most densely packed technology areas I think we’ve ever done. It’s one of the most sophisticated pieces of technology we’ve ever done in such an incredibly small space,” he said, as reported by Tom’s Guide website.
Furthermore he said that, “Forget all those stories you heard about us trying to map fingerprints into the back. We had a line of sight on how to do real facial recognition, in a way never done before. It would be really hard to do, but we just didn’t want to do it the way others had, which could literally be spoofed with a picture.”
In case you don’t know, the Apple iPhone X ‘notch’ includes a bunch of sensors. It has an infrared camera, proximity sensor, flood illuminator, ambient light sensor, speaker, microphone, a 7MP camera and a Dot projector placed inside a roughly 1-inch long notch.
The Dot projector, infrared sensor, flood illuminator and the 7MP camera, all comprise to make the FaceID feature work properly. FaceID, besides unlocking the smartphone, tracks your eyes for showing the notifications. A glimpse on it also lowers down the volume of the alarm. It also keeps the screen lit while users are looking at the screen.