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This Diwali its advantage Flipkart

techARC’s research report, ‘Flipkart Versus Amazon Festival Preparedness Analysis’, announced today gauges the preparedness of the two leading third party neutral online selling platforms of India – Flipkart and Amazon.

Source: techARC – Flipkart versus Amazon festival preparedness analysis, September 2018.

The report analyses the spread (range) of brands that each of these platforms offer under exclusive categories – #OnlyOnFlipkart and #AmazonExclusive.  To further investigate what the online portals are offering to the prospect buyers in terms of choice – models, variations and hues (colours) have been analysed.

Finally, the report also delves into the newness of the Smartphones being offered and the price segments each of the portals are addressing.  Based on all these parameters, Flipkart has an edge over Amazon as the market gears for the festive season.

Giving further details, Faisal Kawoosa, Founder, techARC said, “Among the two leading online platforms where Smartphones are sold more intensely during the festive period, Flipkart has the potential to address a greater number of customers, based on three important parameters of choice, newness and range in terms of segments covered.” 

“The trend of having brand exclusively is fading and we are now seeing models being specific to these online platforms.  At the same time, both are now delivering to almost equal number of destinations across India, over 20,000.  It becomes essential thus, which models are exclusively with the platforms, to have the maximum of the pie in sales, especially when it goes up during festivity”, Faisal further added.

The report suggests that Amazon expeditiously needs to partner with more brands to bring their handsets under exclusive category.  As a number of launches are slated for the remaining period of September and October month, before Diwali, Amazon must take as many as possible onboard.

Quick Stats from the report:

  1. Flipkart has 15 brands compared to Amazon having 12 brands offering Smartphones under their exclusive categories. 5 brands are common to each.

  2. Flipkart has 28 models, 36 variants with 90 colour options for buyers to choose from, as against Amazon offering 19 models, 28 variants and 54 colour options to select.

  3. 46 options available on Flipkart were launched March 2018 onwards. Amazon is offering 24 options launched during the same period.

  4. Flipkart has Smartphones available under exclusive categories starting from Rs 2,500 compared to Amazon starting at Rs 5,000 and above. Both the platforms are scarcely offering beyond Rs 40,000 segments.

  5. Amazon has 5 each in Tier 1 and 2 category of Smartphone brands with Flipkart just behind having 4 in each of these categories. In Tier 3, Flipkart has 7 brands as against Amazon with just 2 brands.

Editor Notes:

  1. The analysis only takes into consideration the Smartphones available under exclusive programmes each of the platforms has – #OnlyOnFlipkart and #AmazonExclusive.

  2. The data analysis is based on the choice available as on September 13th, 2018.

  3. The models currently unavailable have also been included in the analysis.

  4. The newness of models, i.e. models being recently launched is given more weightage compared to those launched earlier as the online buyers look for latest models.

The Tier classification of the brands is done on their longevity of operations in the market and business performance.

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