Thinfilm Secures Commercial Order For Brand Protection Solution

main5892Thinfilm announced that an international luxury goods company will begin using the Thinfilm Brand Protection Solution in Q1 2014 as part of its next major product release. The customer is a maker of high-end apparel and accessories. The Thinfilm solution will be used to provide both product authentication and assist in tracing grey market activity.

Thinfilm will begin delivering Brand Protection labels to the company’s manufacturing site before year-end. The luxury products containing Thinfilm’s solution are expected to be launched in retail by March 2014.

The International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition estimates $600Billion is lost each year due to counterfeiting, and the World Customs Organization estimates that between five and seven percent of all goods traded on the global market are counterfeit. Thinfilm provides ultra-high security at a price point that is compatible with everything from high-end products to fast-moving consumer goods.