October 21, 2020

These 5 apps can solve ‘biggest headache’ of iPhone users

Since nearly all smartphones come with appreciably good cameras these days, the file sizes of the photos/videos taken with them often tend to be quite large. On an average, a good quality photo taken from a smartphone is around 3-4MB in size. So whenever you go out with friends or family and take multiple pictures, it’s essential that you have ample amount of storage space on your smartphone.
If you want to send/receive images over sources like WhatsApp and email, having smaller sized photos and videos ensures that you save on mobile data.
There are quite a few iOS apps that can be used to reduce the size of photos and videos before they are uploaded to social media platforms or sent to others. Here are a few of them:

1) Reduce photo size: The free app is available on Google Play Store and App Store. It resizes and crops the photos before they are uploaded to Twitter, Facebook or sent via email. The original photos don’t get manipulated even when they get resized.
How to use it: When you attach a file to an email, select “Reduce Photo Size” option. Tao “Pickup Image” and tap on Screen. Now tap “Reduce”. Once that is done, select the size you want and hit “Done”.

2) Image Compress: This utility resizes images to any size and quality according to your preference. It can crop images to any ratio, width and height. What makes it even more convenient is that you can resize multiple images at the same time.

3) Photo Resizer: Photo Resizer by YangYeon Cho Tools helps you reduce the size of the images easily. It has 8 predefined sizes and one custom size mode, where you select the size of the image according to your preference. Once the photo has been resized it will automatically be saved to your camera roll.

4) Image resize + Convertor: This app helps you resize all your photographs easily, making it easy for them to be shared on social media platforms. It retains the picture’s original aspect ratio by specifying a resolution, based on the camera resolution. Once the pictures are resized, they are saved in the default ‘Pictures/PhotoResizer’ folder.

5) Kirihari-San: This free app lets you resize large images to a smaller size without much loss in the quality or resolution. Not just resize it, you can also change the format of the image with ease.

You can preview the resized image and redo the changes multiple times. It also allows you to share resized images to other applications or to the servers via FTP.