Thecus Supports New Media Software – Plex Media Sever

apical-logoApical, distributor for solution based product line, announced that Plex Media Server Plex software will be phased in with new 7-bay, TopTower and rackmount Thecus NAS. With the Plex Media Server installed on Thecus NAS, various devices on user’s network such as Xbox 360 and mobile devices can be connected to stream the local and online media.

The Plex Media Server acts as the most important application for any digital media system. The free server is a module available on the Thecus App Center that allows users to set up and manage their media.  For all current users, a free third-party Plex app will be made available via the Thecus App Center. Support for Plex media software will allow users to easily manage and play their videos, music and photos. itvoice

The server can also automatically assemble iTunes, iPhoto, and Aperture content, before it’s streamed so as to reduce bandwidth requirements and improve compatibility with almost any device media is being streamed to.

Plex  uses the power of user’s server at home to dynamically squish videos so that they still play smoothly on smart phone over 3G or tablet over hotel Wi-Fi. The combination of a NAS storage solution and the Plex Media Server is the perfect way for users to easily manage and play their media on any screen