August 4, 2020

The World’s First Type C USB And Bezel Less Le Superphones With uni- Body Full Metal Will Be Launched Soon In India

Letv, the internet and technology conglomerate, that has image (13)been making news for its entry into India and is said to bring its Superphones to India market this month. Le Superphones boast full metal uni-body and one of the few 4G enabled device with Dual Sim.

Le Superphones with full-floating glass, bezel-less industry design enables a superior viewing experience and a multimedia powerhouse that gives the user remarkable viewing and gaming experience. The new generation full-floating glass design with screen elevated by 0.2mm, reduces the risk of screen breaking by 70% and provides better screen protection. One of the Le Superphone variant boasts to be the world’s second narrowest 5.5 Inch phone. It also claims to be 3.7mm narrower than iPhone 6s Plus.

The metal uni- body is breathtakingly sturdy and made for perfection with Aircraft grade aluminium which makes it solid and reliable, the CNC processing duration of 3300s is exquisitely crafted for a seamless experience as a whole. Furthermore, the Le Superphones claims to be the world’s only metal uni-body phone featuring a screw less industrial design leaves no trace of the industrial assembling on the design. The Symmetrical design concept contributes to the aesthetics of the Superphones with world’s first Type C USB. The convertible type C USB enables quick charging that comes with high density fast charging battery, to be specific 5 minutes of charging gives 3.5hours of call time. The Unique hidden button of Le Superphones are hidden in a perfect way when the screen dies, it is breathtakingly elegant.

If LeTV brings Le Superphones with the above mentioned features at a sustainable price point as it claims there is no qualms that the company will disrupt the market.