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The top four SSD drives for lightning-fast office productivity

Over the years technology has evolved at an exponential rate and so has the exposure and comfort of common man with technology. Today computers are a part of everyday life in the majority of offices. The technology related to computers has improved too, especially when it comes to storage devices. We started from floppy disks, moved on to CDs, DVDs, USB drives and later Hard Disk Drives to store huge amounts of data. But they were sensitive to extreme temperatures, vibration, shocks, accidental drops and magnetic fields. Solid State Drive or SSD are the next generation of storage devices that are resistant to above mentioned problems. Assuring accessibility to data every time you connect it to the computer, an SSD device will never fail you when you have an important meeting. Listed below are some popular brands that produce SSD and cater to the needs of office goers as well as researchers, teachers, and corporate offices.

Acer Apollo:
It has a computer memory size of RGB 16GB, making it the best in class product. Acer Apollo has a RAM of 3200 MHz, which ensures that your presentations are working at top speed, and no scope of crashing. The RGB supports the motherboard, adding to the style quotient of the device. It is perfect for a country like India that faces extreme summers, winters and rain that leads to humidity. Enabled with super heat dissipation through the surface, it can perform under any sort of weather. It has undergone a rigorous testing procedure and production after extensive R&D, enabling it to withstand a variety of uses. This means that it will always be your partner at any office meeting, and never fail you. With great after sale service, it is a steal.

HP EX950:
From the house of global giant Hewlett Packard, this SSD device can work effectively with laptop, desktop, as well as console, making it a treasure for people who constantly work on computers or are gaming freaks. It offers 512 GB of storage with PCIE-8 hard disk interference. It has an NVMe of 3D, enabling it to quickly process, read and write data and information. With a weight of 1.000 lbs, it can be easily carried around.

Corsair Vengeance:
This SSD device has dual storage space of 2 times of 8GB, which means 16 GB. It has DRAM of 32000 MHz, making it efficient and powerful when it comes to speed of storing or accessing information, reading and writing data or playing games. Sorted by hands, these chips are compatible with the latest AMD DDR4 motherboards and result in supreme performance. It comes with an inbuilt aluminium heat spreader, which keeps the high -speed device cool by dissipating the heat. It is available in many colors, especially for those who cannot compromise on style.

HyperX Fury:
It has a standard storage space of 16 GB, but with a segment best speed of 3600 MHz RAM, making it the fastest processing storage device, ideal for playing games too. It has a low- profile heat spreader, the latest addition to keep the device cool. This cost-efficient device can be upgraded, which is compatible with DDR4, which offers kit capacity of 128 GB and a high speed of 3733 MHz.

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