“The technology should be accompanied by training that helps utilize the data/ technology effectively.”-Mr Limesh Parekh,CEO of Enjay IT Solutions

Mr Limesh Parekh,CEO of Enjay IT Solutions

Mr Limesh Parekh,CEO of Enjay IT Solutions

Nisha Harshwal:-Please tell us about your company and also tell about the distinguishing factor of the company?

Mr.Limesh Parekh:-Enjay IT Solutions Ltd is a 19 year old company into the IT industry. We basically cater to improve our customer’s business via diverse solutions such as Telephony, CRM and Tally on Cloud.

Our complete development team is based out of Bhilad, a rural town. All the talent is acquired locally and as freshers. The ideas we receive from them and its execution is fabulous.
We are an Indian firm for primarily Indian markets. Every company in India has a very different way of functioning and therefore has their own practices to be followed. Our solutions are flexible enough to cater to all types of processes by marginal tweeks.
Any product that is sold by Enjay is used by Enjay 2 months prior to launching. The customer experience is of utmost importance. People who are going to use the system needs to be comfortable with the system and not only the result analysers.

Nisha Harshwal:-Tell us something about your thought on believing that technology should be an enabler, not a constraint to business growth?

Mr.Limesh Parekh:-In today’s economy, especially in India, technology is used to monitor the task force. In turn, the willingness of the task force reduces and the user adoption does not take place. As this is a one way communication, it is not effective in the long run. It has become pertinent to any business that it makes it’s employees capable. This is not only in terms of skill but also how readily available information is to study and present to prospects. Technologies like CRM and telephony solutions, if used right become the tool used by employees to work independently and correctly. The by-product is correct analysis.

Making additional information available to the team is never a constraint. How the team uses the available technology decides whether it is an enabler or a constraint. The technology should be accompanied by training that helps utilize the data/ technology effectively.

Nisha Harshwal:-What is your purpose to Lunch special CRM (NFR) for IT industry?

Mr.Limesh Parekh:- NFR CRM was introduced initially for the partners/ Service integrators who have given us business over the years, as an appreciation gesture. Later, NFR CRM become an affiliate marketing strategy.

Nisha Harshwal:-What is the product portfolio offered by the company?

Mr.Limesh Parekh:- Enjay CRM, Synapse Telephony, Cloud Synapse, Tally On Cloud, Thin Clients, Helpdesk mobile App for your customers.

Nisha Harshwal:- What are your strategies to improve your company’s position in Indian & UK market as well?

Mr.Limesh Parekh:– Currently we are focusing Indian market and which is on growing trend and regarding UK it is still in pilot phase.

Nisha Harshwal:-Could you provide some details about your growth strategies?

Mr.Limesh Parekh:- We have regular Partner meets, to stay connected and keep them updated on our products. There are also regular whatsapp/ mail information or assistance shared with them at regular intervals.

  •  A continuous improvement in our strategy to keep in touch with our existing customer base. As it is said a happy customer is an effective brand ambassador.

  • Increasing general awareness of the effectiveness of our products by being active in various IT and other industry associations.

  •  An aggressive digital marketing strategy to meet and connect with the target audience.

Nisha Harshwal:-Tell us something about” EnjayCON 2018”?

Mr.Limesh Parekh:- EnjayCON 2018, held in January was to launch a new version of CRM – including features like scoreboards, colour coding, default quotation making.

Other features included –

▪ Enjay TrueNumber – Similar to Truecaller for Mobile.

▪ Enjay TrueEmail – Email Verification built into CRM.

▪ Enjay OutMail on Mobile (Mass Email)

▪ Enjay NetStat – Automatic Network speed monitoring inside CRM (web and Mobile).

▪ Enjay Events – Event Management module in CRM.

▪ Enjay CRM Dialer – Auto / Predictive Dialler for EnjayCRM.

▪ Enjay Chat – Built in

▪ Enjay Google Contacts Integration.

▪ Mobile (Configurable) DashBoards

 We had 280 confirmation and 160 attendees – mix of partners, business friends, customers and prospects of Mumbai.