The Storage market of the country is transforming at a rapid pace – Mr. Nathan Su – PAC Director, Kingston Technology

In an exclusive interview with ITVoice, Mr. Nathan Su – PAC Director, Kingston Technology, reveals his strategies for business in India…

Mr. Nathan Su - PAC Director, Kingston Technology

Mr. Nathan Su – PAC Director, Kingston Technology

Megha:- What has been Kingston’s contribution in the evolution of storage products?

Mr. Nathan Su:- Kingston is popular for its extensive range of flash products which include SBs, SD/Micro SD Cards, & SSDs and since its advent into the SSD market in 2009, Kingston has been at the forefront in driving the use of these data storage options among enterprises across the country. Being the first company to educate its customers, Kingston has been instrumental in positioning SSD as a lifestyle product and has also built the market leading to an increased demand and bringing about price stability by lowering the industry’s price points.

Accentuating on SSD as a mainstream product despite the fierce competition prevailing in the market, Kingston with its unique marketing strategies has managed to increase its market share and sales volume advancing the business. Kingston has been growing from strength to strength in the SSD market & will continue to foster this development.

Megha:- What are the storage demands of the Indian market?

Mr. Nathan Su:- The Storage market of the country is transforming at a rapid pace and while the Consumer segment is large as well as volatile it is ruled by Micro SD Cards and USBs. Also, the consumer is now more mindful of specific products available in the market suitable for their demands.

Talking about the demand from enterprises and corporates it’s maximized for SSDs and The inclination towards faster storage options is another factor augmenting this trend. Kingston takes deliberate efforts in educating the corporates about the importance of quality and secured storage drives and as the capacities of SSDs increase and the price reduces, consumers are recognizing the advantages of using SSDS. They no longer have reservations about using flash memory which was a trend a couple of years ago.

Overall, when a country as vast and packed going digital at a tremendous pace the increase in data volume will be unprecedented and expansion as several Govt bodies are likely to invest in the storage infrastructure to form the base of digital revolution in India, the Overall storage industry anticipates 2016 to be a crucial year for market.

Megha:- How the storage market of India has evolved? What are the strategies the company initiated according to the evolution?

Mr. Nathan Su:- As Fast-paced innovation continues to influence  the storage in India, we have observed a Shift in Consumer demand towards higher storage capacity, for instance, Consumers now prefer to buy a 16 GB Memory card or a flash drive instead to 8GB. We are also noticing a steady rise in the SSD adoption the reason being increased penetration and its declining prices.


Registering exponential growth, India is the fastest growing market for storage devices and will continue being so however, to accentuate, Strategies can vary and so can the target audience. But we at Kingston believe in sticking to the basics of providing a good experience – Good quality product and the Best after sales Service shall fuel the growth of the brand.

Megha:- What services and policies makes Kingston distinct when compared to other channels of storage?

Mr. Nathan Su:- Kingston is known for the highest quality of memory products available in the market since its inception in the year 1987 and there are multitudinous things that set us apart from the competition. Every Kingston product goes through a stringent quality and performance test before they’re out in the market. Also, we offer a vast range of products apt for the needs of both, the Business users as well as the general consumer, Kingston assures Superior quality, guaranteed compatibility, Legendary Warranty and after Sales support for each of its product.

Being a Channel friendly company, Kingston has devised a strong communication model to reach our channels efficiently and aims to empower its channel partners while simultaneously growing with them. The channel partners will play a key role in sustaining and expanding the brand’s presence in the country. By implementing creative marketing promotion for the channel partners and end users we aim to strengthen and support our channel partners.

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