The process of digital transformation for eCommerce stores needs to be simple and seamless (Unbxd), Exclusive Interview with Mr. Prashant Kumar (CTO) and Mr. Pavan Sondur (CEO)

Here’s the Interview Snippet from the interaction with Mr. Prashant Kumar, CTO and Co-Founder (Unbxd)

IT Voice Spokesperson: Please throw some light on Unbxd’s product and features? What technology does Unbxd leverage to deliver quality services?

Prashant Kumar: Unbxd finds its origins back to a simple idea that stemmed from our personal experiences. In 2011, while it was super simple to discover products on Google, we observed that customers still used to find online shopping a cumbersome experience. Realizing that this was a consistent challenge across e-commerce sites, we decide to set up Unbxd with the goal to simplify product discovery. Our relevant site search solution, powerful merchandising tool, and intelligent product recommendations built on the top of an AI-enabled tech stack help e-commerce stores empower their customers to make relevant product choices easily.

Unbxd offers an AI-powered product discovery suite, built upon contextual relevant site search solutions that allow shoppers to find products they are most likely to buy, faster and more efficiently. This also helps e-commerce brands build dynamic category pages so that shoppers can browse seamlessly and convert more with product listings that are curated in real-time. We also have a state of art PIM tool that helps brands manage and enrich their product catalogue to suit shoppers’ interests. From Autosuggest widget, to preview debugger, a powerful merchandising console, A/B test marketing campaigns manager to a console that gives a 360-degree view into the conversion funnel, Unbxd makes each step impactful in the journey of digital transformation.

IT Voice Spokesperson: What is the significance of search personalization and how does Unbxd equip companies with the right solution to stay ahead in the market?

Prashant Kumar: Today, majority of the people are looking to shop online. But the question that arises is – what should a brand do to ensure that they are the one who the customer chooses to make the purchase? The key differentiator for brands to become the first choice of the customers is to always present the most relevant products to the customer who visits their site. A seamless shopping experience necessitates that relevance must touch every aspect of the product discovery journey — across search, navigation, bespoke recommendations or a nuanced combination of them all. Hence, providing smart search becomes important for brands.

Smart search is not only driven by intelligence but also is capable of subliminally mimicking the experience to find exactly what customer is looking for, similar to when they go shopping in a brick-and-mortar store. When the brands are equipped with such capabilities, it enhances the customer experience and also helps in increasing their online revenue

With Unbxd’s 1:1 personalisation, brands can amp up the shopping experience during search and navigation, increase repeat purchases and drive higher conversions for their business. Unbxd AI algorithms analyze demographics, browsing behaviour, recent purchases and affinities to understand shopper intent better and dynamically curate results to show products that the shoppers are most likely to buy. It also allows business teams to tailor personalization strategies with a few clicks.

Addressed by Mr. Pavan Sondur, CEO, Co-Founder: –

IT Voice Spokesperson: Please share some details on Unbxd’s recent developments.

Pavan Sondur: We recently raised close to $100MN capital from Netcore Cloud. This collaboration will help us strengthen our products and services and push innovation toward the future of e-commerce. Since our launch, we have been on a mission to solve the problem of discovery for digital commerce leveraging the power of AI. With our unique combination of personalization solutions and Netcore Cloud’s robust full-stack marketing automation tech platform, we believe that this partnership will help us capture cross-selling opportunities and scale our business globally. Moreover, with Unbxd and Netcore Cloud working together, we will see accelerated growth of Unbxd in newer markets, establishing a stronger foothold in the US and EU.

IT Voice Spokesperson:  How is the collaboration between Unbxd and Netcore Cloud helping customers?

Pavan Sondur: We are seeing brands shift their focus to unit economics and focus more on prioritizing the existing customers than on new customer acquisition. This will lead D2C eCommerce brands to accelerate their spending toward delivering personalized customer experiences. It will be imperative for companies to strengthen their technology capabilities to help brands enhance their platform and customize their experience. In line with this, Unbxd and Netcore Cloud will work towards enhancing the tech capabilities. This will empower brands to track their shopper’s interactions with Search and implement site-wide Personalization, merchandising, along with shopper-focused recommendations. This will allow brands to optimize their entire customer journey, providing the best-in-class customer experience. Moreover, our customers can now increase their profitable growth by harnessing the power of a wider set of applications from two world-class companies and end the disconnect caused by tools operating in silos.

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