October 1, 2020

The New Age Data Storage Trends

Data is the basis of almost all business decisions and strategy development procedures. As per the time goes on, the trends of each system and methodology changes and the same thing also applies in relation of data storage, a data storage manager has to stay alert about these trends that can affect the corporate strategy and purchasing of new data storage devices in the future.



Cold storage or archiving

There is a lot of structured and unstructured data that can be useful for the long term business,s but not for the present use, can be stored in data archives or cold storages which is actually a systematic setup of cheap, slow moving disks that ensure the safekeeping of the data in the economic manner.


Storage convergence of the hybrid cloud

Even till the date, most of the companies are not familiar with executing hybrid data (public/private cloud data and data center data) which is very essential to aggregate and transfer place to place for some specific big data projects. The hybrid cloud methodology is actually a requisite governance over the data that enables the companies to use various types of cloud and data centers for their most efficient functionality. In the last couple of the years the hybrid cloud market has experienced a remarkable growth of 21% per year.


Tiered storage automation

As per a newer trend, the use of tiered storage methodologies adopted by the enterprise data centers, facilitates the automatic write and retrieve the accessed data to the rapid media such as flash or solid state disks. Here you can set yoir own rules about an allocation of data.


Flash workstations with thin client concept

Now, more and more computers are going to be equipped with flash storage instead of traditional hard disks. In this manner these companies are becoming the thin clients requiring the data centrally stored in the cloud or a data center. Furthermore the prices for flash storage are falling down incredibly, so having a flash or solid state memory in the company’s computers is more pocket friendly now.

A reinvented hard drive

In the upcoming months Intel is launching its innovative hard drive technology with the title  “Optane drives” that ais said to be 1000 times faster than flash memory technology of the present day hard drives, memory sticks and mobile devices.

Data as an asset

The corporations and the analysts are getting unanimously agree to present the data as an asset on the corporate balance sheet. If it really happens, we may experience a higher investment on data storage or automated storage management system.

Smart chips for enhanced solid state disk performance

Along with FPGA (field programmable gate array) chips, the data vendors are moving towards the improved styles and fabrics for big data processing. This enables the companies to process a huge amount of data with fast speed and lessens the time taken in data analysis and decision making. Here the data is divided into blocks and spread them across various storage devices for faster access and solid state drives. As the result, you get the turbo charged solid state drive performance and rapid processing of the high demand data.

The future of tape

Though they represent a long gone age, still they are not completely out of trend. They are widely being used in many sectors such as video surveillance for building security.