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“The Loudest Cheer” App for the IPL by Blogmint

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Blogmint, a networked community of bloggers promoted and managed by Tangerine Digital, has today launched an exciting app, “The Loudest Cheer” for cricket enthusiasts across the globe. It aims to connect all the aficionados of the much awaited seventh season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) to their supporting teams.


With IPL 2014 being hosted outside India, disappointment amongst the fans is quite conspicuous. This app allows you to cheer every time your team scores, thus making you feel part of a live audience. The app also allows users to create their audio or video cheer that will be showcased on digital channels such as YouTube. Moreover, the participants leading the scoreboard with maximum cheers will earn points that will be translated to incredible prizes.


How can you access the app?


All you have to do is download the app from the Google Play app Store for free. The application can be accessed from all android devices. A user-friendly application “The Loudest Cheer” can be accessed by following a simple 4 steps process:


1.       Download the application from Google play store

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tech.loudestcheer&hl=en

2.       Pick / select your team

3.       According to the development of match, select from various options available – Ace Catch, Great Shot, Great Run, Ace 4, Ultra 6, Big Wicket etc.

4.       Select from  ‘Audio Cheer’ or ‘Video Cheer’ and start cheering



Commenting on the release of “The Loudest Cheer”, Seeraj Katoch, Chief Operating Officer, Tangerine Digital said, “We are excited to launch the mobile app that aims to connect fans with their favorite sport. The app will help audiences across India to cheer for their favorite team. As, IPL goes abroad, we realized the need for teams and fans to be connected and technology was the only option to bridge the gap.”   


Blogmint aims to provide brands with creative blogging solutions through its network of bloggers and enhance their brand credibility and reach on the digital platform. In addition to the gamut of services offered in content marketing, Tangerine Digital also creates metadata for videos and images, repurposes videos for VOD platforms, creates theme based text and video content across e-commerce, web, mobile and social media platforms.

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