The List of Top Smartphones for College Students!

smartphone for college students

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Students are fond of gadgets because they ease the process of learning and communicating. Therefore, modern smartphones are among the essential devices for students. The purchase of a good smartphone is more or less affordable for students nowadays, especially for those getting monetary funds that cover their studies. For example, many students who demonstrate good results get tech scholarships and spend the rest of the money on the desired gadget. In the article below, we collected several of the top smartphones students would appreciate. Read on to know more.

Criteria of choice

Before you decide on which smartphones are the best for your needs as a student, you have to specify the criteria of choice. Among the preferences students frequently mention are the following:

  • Long-life battery (for students, it is crucial to stay online 24/7).
  • Ability to take many notes (some students prefer drafting college papers in notes).
  • Option of installing apps and features to work with images and documents in various formats.
  • Perfect cameras (students and social nets are irreplaceable – many students are willing to be bloggers and vloggers).
  • Reasonable price (many smartphones become outdated in 1-2 years, and you have to buy a new one).
  • Excellent design and usability (for students, the visual look of the gadget also matters).

Here is a selection of smartphones that meet the criteria. Each of them would be an excellent choice for a modern student.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Source: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Let us proceed with one of the most desired gadgets for students. Samsung is known for its innovative approach and solid reputation. The model Galaxy Note 10 meets all the above criteria; moreover, it lifts the process of taking notes to a new unbelievable level. One of the core particularities of this smartphone is the ability to use a stylus for sketches. Also, the smartphone allows widened functions as creating GIFs, animating, drawing, and more. Therefore, students would be able to complete homework and pass tests with the help of this usable gadget.

Redmi Note 9 Pro
Source: Redmi

Redmi Note 9 Pro

This model by Redmi has several benefits, and the two high-resolution cameras are among its most essential features! With an affordable price that comes with many useful features and functions, the purchase would be an excellent option for students who use images and videos. Among the advantages of the Redmi Note 9 Pro is its long-lasting battery with a capacity of nearly 5000mAh. For example, if a student has to study remotely and provide a lot of communication via Zoom and Skype while attending online classes, this smartphone would be a great choice.

one plus 7 pro
Source: OnePlus

OnePlus 7 Pro

Nevertheless, this smartphone is not widely advertised, and as a result, is not well known. However, it meets all the vital criteria. The low weight and thin design make it easy to handle. At the same time, the smartphone is resistant to damages. It is almost impossible to break it accidentally. Students would be glad to find such features as what Apple and Samsung smartphones of the same category offer. By the way, OnePlus 7 Pro was awarded the best smartphone in 2019. For students who like spending free time gaming, there are many desirable options.

Source: Google

Google Pixel 4A

Google released another model of smartphone that deserves your attention. The model allows the storage of vast amounts of data, starting at 128 GB, within the built-in memory. The big display with perfect colors is 5.8 inches. Thanks to its fast charger function, there is an ability to charge Google Pixel 4A faster than an average smartphone. Students would also highly appreciate automatic updates of software. Those who cannot imagine a day without taking pictures and filming videos would appreciate the built-in camera with many options.

Moto G Power
Source: Motorola

Moto G Power

The Moto G Power is an excellent Android smartphone that has everything a student can dream about. If the criteria of long battery life is among the first for a student, he or she would be happy with the powerful 5000mAh battery. Imagine that the smartphone can stay on in working mode for three days without recharging! The display is big and full of natural colors, with the ability to select a brighter color combination. Moto Actions, Moto Display, and other unique features offered by the manufacturer would be appreciated by students.

Samsung Galaxy S20
Source Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S20

This is another model of a perfect smartphone for students by Samsung. The cameras would be highly appreciated by those who have to picture many images in their courses or develop a photoblog. Plenty of features sufficiently ease the process of exploitation – for example, the wireless charging option. The immense size of the screen would make it easy to draft essays and other college papers on the go. This model is a perfect price-quality correlation.

We believe that this brief smartphone review was helpful enough for students to make a suitable choice. When picking a smartphone, consider the criteria that are more important for studies than for hobbies. Remember that the smartphone is your helper first and then an entertaining device.

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