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The Flash App – Made by Ex-Flipkart executives wants to be an inbox for your e-commerce needs

Source: Flash

Email inboxes are challenging tools because users must spend a lot of time searching for what they are looking for and they become difficult to handle over time. Additionally, it is difficult to alter your email address later on if you have been using the same one everywhere. Email tools frequently fail to distinguish between various email types and correctly group them. By developing a solution (read: email ID) that you can use for all of your e-commerce requirements, India-based startup Flash is attempting to solve the problem. It will even pay you to use the service.

Flash, an app that works on iOS and Android, enables you to establish an email ID with the @flash.co domain that you can use across all shopping platforms to collect rewards like coupons and cashback. You can register with a new email ID and use it to buy across all platforms after downloading the app from the Play Store or the App Store. You can track numerous shipments from within the app after placing a purchase.

Flash, the new email service, offers users an inbox divided into two categories: Handpicked and Others. The Handpicked section contains essential emails, such as delivery updates and account verifications, while the Other section displays promotional emails. In my recent use of the service, I noticed that some important emails mistakenly ended up in the Other section. However, the company assures me that it is still refining its filtering algorithm to prevent this from happening in the future. The current version of Flash’s email inbox is basic, with limited functions that only allow users to forward or reply to emails. However, the startup plans to add features like archiving, auto-forwarding, and flagging next month, which will significantly improve the functionality of the service.

Flash is an e-commerce app that not only provides a separate inbox for all your shopping-related emails but also connects with your Gmail to track your expenses and shipments. The app offers various rewards to incentivize users to engage and retain. Flash provides cashback on completing certain orders or signing up for services using a @flash.co email address. Additionally, it has partnered with brands like Myntra, Puma, Pharmeasy, and Boat to offer special coupons. Though discount coupons are common in the Indian e-commerce market, they often come with a lot of conditions. However, Flash’s rewards program seems to be straightforward and easy to use.

Flash also offers incentives for specific “streaks”—frequently purchasing from one brand or making orders from several different categories in a given time frame. Users will be able to receive a variety of rewards from companies and Flash as a result. For rewards, the company offers a conversion of 1 Flash coin to 1 rupee. By connecting their UPI (Unified Payment Interface) IDs, users can deposit money straight into their bank accounts in India.

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