January 21, 2021

The All New Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series to be launched on August 5

Samsung, the South Korean tech giant, took a massive hit in sales of the recently launched Galaxy S20 series partly because of the pandemic and partly because of the pricing. Though all the phones featured top-end specs with incredible new features and a refreshed design, the company couldn’t repeat the sales numbers of the previews generation of the S series. Though Samsung still retains the no.1 spot in the global market share. It’s being speculated that Samsung will be launching its latest in the Note series, the Samsung Galaxy Note20, and the Galaxy Fold 2 on August 5 in an online event. The note series has been making a buzz for more than ten years since its inception when phones this large were called phablets. We don’t even use this word anymore because big is the new normal. Though phones are getting bigger and bigger, Samsung has still managed to include the pen in their Note series. People are expecting to see two variants of the Galaxy Note 20 this year. The regular model and the plus model. According to reports, the Plus model was listed as an ultra-device on certification sites; hence people started speculating that the Galaxy Note20 plus will have ultra-features like the Samsung Galaxy S20ultra but have the price of plus models. This was being said in the light that Samsung sales took a hit because of the pricing of their line-up and how companies like Apple are trying to cut down costs on their devices. Therefore it was speculated that though Galaxy Note 20 Plus will be as powerful as an Ultra variant, but will be priced similar to plus variant. If that happens, it will make Galaxy note 20 plus the biggest steal at the price point with all the most exceptional features and the best specs and could turn the market around for Samsung.

According to reports and leaks online, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 would have a 6.42-inch 2345 x 1084 screen with 404 pixels per inch, and that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus would have a 6.87-inch 3096 x 1444 screen with 497 pixels per inch. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus will have a periscope lens, possibly with 50x digital zoom though the other camera specs haven’t surfaced online a new design for the camera bump on the back is being reported, and the cameras modules will be comparable to their galaxy s20 series line-up with improvements in post-processing and software. Galaxy S20 ultra has a standout 108MP primary lens, and note 20 Plus will have a similar module, which will be an excellent performer whatever the condition. Also, the 45 W fast charging from the S20 Ultra model will be included in the plus variant of Note20. It will also include a more power-efficient LTPO, faster storage, next-generation biometric security, and superior RAM. It will also be the first smartphone to have 16GB of RAM, making it the best performer. Samsung needs to regain its market share, and if it prices the Note20 plus correctly as apple is also being suspected to reduce price in the iPhone 12 line-up in September, it could be back in the game. Nobody can question the capabilities of a Samsung flagship device, but the pandemic has forced us to ask some questions about the feasibility of $1300 smartphones.