Mr. Shripal Gandhi, Founder & CEO of Swipe Technologies (1)Swipe Technologies, India’s largest Tablet/Fablets portfolio owner today signed an alliance with Haptik Inc. to offer on-the-go support to its discerning customers through Haptik smartphone messenger app. Customer service beyond the realms of call center working days and working hours, packed with ultimate convenience. This partnership doesn’t only mean customer support for Swipe Users, but also makes Swipe Telecom the first ever company to enable Cash On Delivery purchases of their phones/tablets with a simple message on Haptik itself. 24/7 customer service in the truest sense of it, just a Swipe away.  

Swipe Technologies has been an innovative pacesetter since 2012 and 5,00,000+ consumers have posed their faith in Swipe Tablets and Fablets. Haptik Inc enables customers to get information and support for over 200 companies in a real time, private, asynchronous way. The compelling proposition: “Just send a message and a Haptik expert will respond back to you within 5 minutes.”

 Mr. Shripal Gandhi, Founder & CEO, Swipe Technologies, said: “Swipe Technologies is pleased to partner with like-minded, innovative and cutting-edge technology mobile application platform Haptik Inc. Thanks to Haptik’s mobile app, Swipe customers will be able to resolve their queries within 5 minutes. Customer behavior patterns have confirmed sharp shift from voice to texting preference for a variety of reasons. Swipe has a huge customer support center and Haptik – that is communication by way of touching the mobile screen – will further aid that process.”

Screenshot_2015-02-02-16-54-08Haptik is a smartphone app that enables users to get help with products and services over messaging. With 200 companies across 13 categories, the app allows customers to chat with a certified Haptik expert for queries, information and almost anything else, guaranteeing a response within 5 minutes. Launched in April 2014, Haptik app is available on iOS & Android and was handpicked by Google as one of the only Indian apps to feature in the Productivity category on Google Play store, alongside apps like Dropbox and Gmail. 

With this alliance Swipe not only takes the customer support & engagement up a notch to the convenience of a simple message; but by having Haptik services on their devices it also gives it’s users a holistic message assistance app to get information, support & help. Now Swipe Users can find out about Best Mobile Plans, Web-Check In, track their online orders and a lot more with a message on the app.

 “Mobile messaging is a new form of Search”, said Aakrit Vaish, Co-founder & CEO, Haptik Inc. “Questions around gadgets & technology especially Telecom is the most frequently asked on Haptik today. Users constantly have queries, and/or are looking for information to make life easier. With Swipe on-board; Swipe Users will have a very convenient time getting help from Haptik”

The Swipe AssistX app with Haptik is going to be available on all Marathon & Slice series of devices starting February 2015.