TendaIntroduced its most affordable Mesh unit in India during Tenda Networking Conclave (Mumbai)

Tenda India held its Networking conclave in Mumbai with the aim to educate and train partners on newly launched Tenda products, the main focus of this Meet was to give partners insight on Mesh routers and Mesh technology as a whole. Apart from Mesh technology,PoE switches was another segment discussed and explained during the Networking Conclave.
Tenda displayed its nova MW6 the high-end 1200Mbps gigabit Mesh unit as well as Introduced the game-changing 1200Mbps 10/100 Ethernet Mesh unit MW3 during the event. nova MW3 is one of first mesh unit that is targeting mid-segment customer who holds purchasing power around 10,000 INR for 3 Units Mesh package, understanding customers interest and adaptation of Indian customer to possess a new technology, Tenda also introduced a 2 unit Mesh set of MW3 aiming it at customers who want to spend less but also be early users of mesh technology. Nova MW3 has coverage reach up to 3500 Sq.ft area making it perfect choice for big homes and small offices for people looking at coverage area of more than 3500 sq.ft, Tenda has its nova mw6 already available in the market which covers 6000 sq.ft like a charm.
Tenda networking conclave witnessed by top IT Partners from Mumbai proved a perfect platform for Tenda and its partners to discuss their business plan and growth, and brands initiative to educate Partners on new product turned useful; seeing the queries and enthusiasm partners had regarding mesh and PoE switches.
Present at the event itself, Tenda India Director Mr Frank Rao said “Tenda Networking conclave is an initiative by us to educate our Partners on new technology and new products, the traditional networking market has reached a stagnant level, where we don’t see any growth in immediate future, but selling out new technology and solutions will surely help our partners to grow, we want that our partners can offer a perfect solution to customers requirement so that it can be win-win situation for all.” on future of such meets Mr Rao added “Tenda has already conducted 2 meets in 2 metro cities and we will be aiming for other countries soon, we want to grow with our partners and are ready to guide our partners in it.”