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Tencent Flagship Hearsays 100 Million Daily Active Users

The honor of Kings, Tencent’s flagship video game, proclaimed a record 100 million daily active users international and they said it was expanding into other genres as well and starting a tie-up with Burberry.

The moves come as the world’s most profitable mobile game celebrates its 5th anniversary and faces an encounter from League of Legends, which is the world’s most popular desktop game.

League of Legends: Wild Rift is made by Tencent’s secondary, is presently being tested in Asian countries.

The game director and GM of Tencent have said that they are going to expand how players can interrelate with the Honor of King’s world and it generates a multi-dimensional brand experience that drives engagement, inside the game as well as outside the game. This can involve anime, films, music, and even live-action series.


Image from Tencent


A Chinese multinational technology conglomerate holding company has said it would introduce 2 new untitled unoriginal games, expanding the Honor of King’s world from the multiplayer online battle arena into 2 more unnamed genres.

The honor of Kings, the multi-player role-playing game lets players hack their way via battle arenas. The video game development studio i.e. Timi Studio has had also presented an officially-licensed Bruce Lee look to the game.

The honor of Kings is the most efficacious game that the company has ever made. Tencent also saw the game as a perfect channel to make the now extremely popular esports in China, as more and more fledgling and wealthy Chinese are willing to spend money on video games.

With approximately 240 million dollars in user spending, not including 3rd -party Android stores, Honor of Kings was the highest-grossing mobile game on an international level for September 2020, as per Sensor Tower. This represented 87% growth from 2019’s September.