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Telegram App: Whatsapp’s Biggest Rival?

screen568x568Move over WhatsApp, for we have a serious contender for the top spot in the name of Telegram Messenger app. Touted as the ‘fastest messaging app’ in the market, the WhatsApp rival has received a record 4.95 million registrations in a single day. Moreover, the app is the most downloaded iPhone app in almost 48 countries. The app has been developed by Nikolai Durov and financially supported by Pavel Durov.

Using decentralised infrastructure with data centers positioned around the world, the app lets users access it faster from the closest server possible. However, the best feature of the app is perhaps security. The developers invite hackers to come and try breaking Telegram’s encrypted protocol for which they have set a bounty of $200,000 in BTC under their Crypto Contest.

Then of course is ‘secret chat’, meant for users who really want secure messaging. User can send text to friends with end-to-end encryption: only you and the recipient can read those messages. Further, users can also order messages to be self-destructed in a set amount of time.

Being cloud-based, the messages can be accessed from several devices, including desktops. Developers for all platforms can make use of its open nature and access their protocol, API and even source code.

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