TeleDNA Partners With CLOUDMARK To Launch SMS Security Solution In India.

TeleDNA_LogoTeleDNA announces a strategic partnership with Cloudmark to bring SMS security solutions to India. TeleDNA is a leading VAS infrastructure solution provider in India providing broad array of VAS solutions to Telcos on GSM, CDMA, 3G and LTE. Cloudmark is the global leader in messaging threat protection for communication service providers. Major Telecom operators in India, Idea Cellular, Aircel, Tata & Uninor have selected TeleDNA to launch Anti-Spam solution on their networks.

Telcos and subscribers have long been subjected to spam SMS from telemarketing, marketing promotions and SMS scams. As per the announcement made by the Minister of State for Communication and Information Technology, Telcos have received half a million complaints on Unsolicited Commercial Communications (UCC) from Sep 2011 to April 2013. Only 5-10% of the total UCCs are reported to the authorities, which puts the real UCC numbers in the range of 5 to 6 million. TRAI has implemented various regulations to address this issue, but has seen only partial success. Telcos and Regulatory authorities are voicing out a need for strong technical solution to address this issue.

TeleDNA’s Ageis(SMS) gateway coupled with Cloudmark’s mobile messaging security solution provides the fastest and most accurate protection against all types of mobile messaging abuse, including SMS and MMS spam. TeleDNA’s SMS Platform leverages Cloudmark Security Platform’s real-time content filtering services. Proprietary algorithms analyze all messages and generate unique ‘fingerprints’, which are compared to known-bad fingerprints stored in the Cloudmark Global Threat Network. Messages that match known-bad fingerprints are automatically discarded.

The GSM Association (GSMA) and Cloudmark have collaborated to create the GSMA Spam Reporting Service (SRS). This global initiative enables subscribers to immediately report SMS spam and messaging abuse to their service provider. The provider automatically forwards the reported message to the GSMA SRS service where it is analyzed using Cloudmark’s advanced message fingerprinting technology. Cloudmark then corroborates the data and produces an analysis of attacks within the reporting provider’s network.

Other key benefits of the TeleDNA SMS Solution:

Real-time Threat Response—Cloudmark Security Platform receives frequent updates from the Cloudmark Global Threat Network, which collects and correlates threat and sender intelligence data across world-wide deployments and sensors, enabling real-time protection against zero-day and rapidly evolving threats.

Greater Visibility and Insights into Networks—Identifies spam activity and provides insights into traffic and abuse patterns, enabling passive or active management of spam outbreaks.

Seamless Network Integration—Integrates easily into existing network topologies, supporting a broad range of messaging protocols, security intelligence feeds and data sources.

Udit Shanker, CEO TeleDNA said “We are arming the Telcos with cutting edge technology to address the ever growing spam on mobile, we are committed to provide the best available solution in the market to address the issues faced by Telcos. Cloudmark was the logical choice for this partnership.”

Mobile spam is now a global issue that requires a potent combination of local knowledge, worldwide intelligence, and deep understanding of advanced technology to defeat. TeleDNA and Cloudmark provide the perfect partnership for the Asian Subcontinent and beyond,” said Neil Cook, CTO, Cloudmark.